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Early Years - Welcome to Year R (children in Year R and 1 are in three mixed classes)


MEET THE TEAM 1 Mrs Stevens-Pine Class Teacher
MEET THE TEAM 2 Mrs Attrill - Pine Class Teaching Assistant
MEET THE TEAM 3 Miss Denton - Elm Class Teacher
MEET THE TEAM 4 Miss Sansom- Elm Teaching assistant
MEET THE TEAM 5 Mr Lenton- Cherry Class Teacher AM
MEET THE TEAM 6 Mre Johnson- Cherry Class Teacher PM
MEET THE TEAM 7 Mrs Goude- Cherry Teaching Assistant

Year R at Manea Community Primary School


Our Year R/1 classes are located in the new part of the school building and have an excellent learning environment for children to spend their first year at school. The children's learning in this environment leads to them making excellent progress in their foundation year and prepares them exceptionally well for the start of KS1.


We follow an enquiry based learning approach which enables the children to become critical thinkers and deepen understanding.  The environment is set up to allow for challenge and discussions throughout learning with a focus on talk and understanding.  


Each year there is a successful transition plan in place that supports children moving from year to year.  Discussions are shared with the next classteacher with a focus on the characteristics of effective learning to ensure that the children remain learners and have continual progress into their next stage of development.  Work is shared, along with targets and this allows parents to continue to support at home.

Year R Environment

Year R Environment 1 Physical Development
Year R Environment 2 iPad station
Year R Environment 3 The computing area
Year R Environment 4
Year R Environment 5
Year R Environment 6
Year R Environment 7 Workshop area
Year R Environment 8
Year R Environment 9 Construction area
Year R Environment 10 Trike Track
Year R Environment 11 Role Play Stage
Year R Environment 12 Loose parts area
Year R Environment 13 Mud Kitchen
Year R Environment 14 Water area

Both Mrs Stevens (Year R/1 class teacher and Early Years leader) and Mrs Attrill (Year R/1 Teaching Assistant) are lead practitioners for Cambridgeshire County Council which involves working in partnership with other schools to develop the practise and provision in Year R/1 by visiting our school or for Mrs Stevens or Mrs Attrill visiting their schools. 


This role has enabled both practitioners to work alongside county and country wide advisors which constantly impacts upon the provision in our settings.  We are often used to support other settings via cluster meetings, leadership meetings and also via videos!


Mrs Stevens has also been a moderator for Cambridgeshire County Council for a number of years which again improves our provision as well as supporting the judgements for other schools.