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                                              My Manea School roller-coaster


I might not have started from the starting line but I will finish at the finish line!


                                My days IN KS1

I started at the end of year one but I still have memories from year two.  One of my favourite memories from year two was when I had a toy and I played hide and seek with it.  I also have a different memory when we went a trip to the RSPB centre - I think! Good memory – really?

                                   Off To KS2

Now, when I joined year three I joined knowing that it’s now KS2 and not much time for games anymore!  A memory from year three is when it was science week and we went down to Pine class every day to weigh the little chicks that they had.  One day during science week when we went down to weigh the chicks and one ran away into the class room. It was very funny to see Miss Smith chasing him!  We all just laughed.


                        Moving on to 2x2 {year 4}

In year four we had a teacher called Miss Bridges.  In fact I was ALMOST taller than Miss Bridges! A memory from year four is when there we went on a trip to Banham Zoo.  We saw of zoo animals like giraffes, meerecats and many more.  I loved the day there.



                                          Last two yearS

In year five we got even more challenges to overcome and we did! In year five we also has a joint trip with year six to the space centre.  Moving on to year six we did lots of fun things like making a bug hotel, going to the woods and much more.  But there were other times, like SATS, that we didn’t have much fun with!

I have enjoyed my time at school; thank you to my teachers.

So now I reached the finish line and can’t wait till secondary school.

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                                                                  My Manea Memories


Year R:  Well I can’t actually remember that much from year R but I can remember that we had an art table or a building table one of those two.  I think you were only allowed four people there at a time and one day I was on there with a few other people and some people joined so that made about seven people on there I think.  Mrs Stevens gave us a warning telling some people to get off. But we didn’t, and that gave everyone on that table a timer for three or four minutes not sure which one!

Year One:  I can’t exactly remember anything, but I can remember looking at the book Jack and Jill and going around the class room pretending everything was in sweet form and saying what flavour they would be.  We also  gained a class mate. I was the one who showed her around and we are still friends to this day.

Year Two:  A girl joined my class in year two and she is still my friend to this day.  I can also remember watching Frozen as our reward for winning the attendance race for the first time and all the boys hated it except a few.

Year Three:  Year three was the first year we got duck eggs for science week. We were all so excited for them to hatch and they did except one. We made a grave for it and most people cried including me.  When the ducklings had grown a little bit we weighed them and one of them got away and ran around the class room. 

Year Four:  We got Miss Bridges as a teacher and we were her first class.  We learnt that she was and still is obsessed with Olly Murs.  .

Year Five:  The best part about year five was making our movies.  My group’s film was about a group of friends having a nightmare and the nightmare was about them bringing an evil person back to life.  We also met Miss H Smith and she took over Miss Booden for the last part of the year.

Year Six:  Year six has been the hardest school year.  Before our SATS we did a lot of hard and demanding work.  After our SATS the pace of work was less exhausting.  I’m so thankful that Miss Smith and Mrs Stone were there to help me. They are great and helped me get through my SATS.

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    My Memories (2012-2018)

Here are my best six memories of my time at Manea Primary School.  It has been a  spectacular experience and I have enjoyed the years through the school. I liked all the teachers because they were very helpful.

What I Have Enjoyed

I have enjoyed year six because one time Miss Smith could not spell forty and everyone else started to laugh! I also enjoyed year six because Mr Lenton bought in a frog and put it on his outside window and his name was called Fred. Then he brought a little puppet monster in to his classroom.

Trips Through The Year 

Our trips have been awesome.

Year Six:  Hunstanton beach

Year Six: Duxford War Museum

Year Six: Kingfield residential

Year Five: Space centre

Year Four: Banham Zoo

Year Four: RSPB

Year Three: Wildfowl  trust

SATS week

I really enjoyed SATS because we got to learn extra things that we don’t normally learn. During SATS week we had Maths, English, Spellings and Grammar. We had to be silent for one hour or more or we had less time. Some questions were hard but some were very easy. Most of them we were one or two mark questions and there were even three mark questions.



Favourite Lesson

My Favourite Lesson is Maths because I like to work out different calculations and using different methods to work out the calculations. My other favourite lesson is P.E. because I like to play different sports. 


And Finally…

I would like to say that I have really enjoyed my time at Manea School.  The teachers have been great.

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Manea Years (2009-2018)

I did start at the very beginning.  I think of it as a race. I started at the beginning, made friends and memories along the way but there were also a few stumbling points. But no matter what, I have made it to the end and I never forget a single moment.

The beginning of it all

In pre-school, a few of us girls would build this princess castle. We would spend ages building it.  After we’d finished, two of the boys would always come over and knock it over. Instead of building it back up, we’d just go outside and play tag with streamers.

The first year of “big school”

In reception, there were always rumours going around that the school pond had snakes and crocodiles in it, so a small group of us would go down to the pond and just sit and stare into it waiting for a crocodile or a snake to come out. (They never did!)

Years one and two

When I was in year one, Mr Lenton told the class that there was going to be a new boy called “Fred” but when “Fred” came in, he was a doll. We had to be his “friends”. In year two, we had Mrs Tate and in P.E, we were allowed to use the climbing frame that is in the hall and we would all have fun just climbing up and jumping off. We would do that over and over and over again.

The first year of KS2

Year three, we had seen the ducklings that were down in reception.  There were two eggs left to hatch. The next day, one hatched. The other one didn’t. We all cried then Miss Booden let us make him/her a grave.

The memories of year four and five

In year four, we had Miss Bridges and a child was being her “messenger”. The child went back and forth between Miss Bridges and Miss Boardman. She brought back random items saying things like feel this and smell this. In year five, it was science week and we had a science assembly, like we do every year, and we all had great fun watching the elephants toothpaste shoot up into the air.




The Final Year

A lot of fun things have happened this year. Even though I haven’t done it yet at the time of writing this I know that the leaver’s assembly will be the best part of the year. This year has been the best year because of the trips and the things we do every day. I have had fantastic teachers who have helped me.

Leaving school

Primary School is only the first part of your education. There’s still years more to come. Secondary, college and maybe even university but primary school is probably the best. Its full of laughs and fun times.

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                                       My time at Manea.


I have enjoyed being here very much. I liked all my teachers and there have been lots of fun trips.

In Year 4 we went to Banham Zoo. I got to stroke a rat and we saw giraffes, zebras, tigers and cheetahs. In Year 5 we went to the Space Centre. It took ages to get there on the bus! But it was a fun day. We saw stars in the planetarium.

This year we went to Duxford. We saw lots of old planes. While we were eating lunch they were flying round.

I made lots of friends and the teachers that I like are Miss Smith, Mrs Stone and Mrs Hyner. I will miss everyone so much.

I enjoyed maths, cooking, reading and literacy. I had fun going to the shop to buy things.

I am nervous about going to my new school and making new friends, but I will be brave, and I will have lots of fun.

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When I was in year one and two I started making friends. Then a new girl came in and I made a new friend and she was my best friend ever. We stayed have been friends ever since then.

In year 2 and my best memories are that my friend and I worked a lot together.

I remember that in year 3 we made space ships and that there were some lovely teachers.

In year 4 we made snowflakes for Christmas.  When I got to year 5 I made videos with my group.  The best part was that we entered a competition.

 I was sad that it was my last year of primary school. I have enjoyed the last moments in year 6. I am going to miss everyone at Manea Primary School.

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Memories of Manea primary

 My memories are all good because since reception I have really enjoyed doing lots of work with some support. 

               Reception and year 1

In reception and year 1 I enjoyed having lots and lots of indoor lunch and indoor break because we used to watch Biff and Chip. We sometimes also were allowed to draw pictures on plain paper with lots and lots of colours.

         Year 2                     

In year 2 I enjoyed getting taught by two different teachers because on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we got taught by one teacher then had the other teacher taught us on Thursday and Friday.

          Year 3

In year 3 I enjoyed having Miss Booden to teach maths, history and lots more. Then we had Miss Smith to come and teach us science while Miss Booden went and taught year 6 maths. I liked the ducking lessons when we weighed them.

         Year 4/5

In year 4 I got taught by Miss Bridges then in year 5 I got taught by Miss Booden. In both year 4 and year 5 I got taught music by Miss Elliot.  I have really enjoyed music and learning to play the recorder.

         Year 6

In year 6 I had lots of fun because it was SATS and also year 6 is my last year of primary school.

Next year I will be in secondary school (CROMWELL) it is going to be a big, huge, giant adventure for everyone.

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                   Manea Memories



Through all of the years that I’ve been here it has been a great  ride going through the different years and the things  that I’ve been taught. There are many things that I will never forget in this school.

First time in KS1.

In Reception we started by knowing all the teachers we had Mrs Stevens and she taught so many things. We got to play games and she guided me through the days and even years.

 Year 1 and Year 2.

In year 1 I had got better at learning and we had moved onto Mr Lenton’s class.  After Mr Lenton we went onto year 2 and we were with Mrs Biggs we had a great time learning and we started writing lots of different things.

Year 4 and Year 5.

In year 4 we went on a school trip to Banham Zoo and also the RSPB. In year 5 we started going on school trips when you are there for more than two days, it was a fun time. I loved every minute.

The Last Year-6.

My last year and I was very scared of SATS.   We worked hard all year but had fun along the way.  It was actually easier than I thought.  I have enjoyed my time at Manea
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Journey of a Lifetime



My time in Manea School was filled with happy memories and friendly faces, sit down, and get comfy because this is my journey of a lifetime.

First Day

Pre-school was a laugh but when I moved up to reception I realised it wasn’t sitting in cardboard fire engines with my friend all day.  It was hard to make friends but I realised that everyone was in the same position as me.  I really enjoyed the company of my best friend but sadly she left only after a few months into reception.

Year 1and 2

In year 1 and 2 I had to really buckle down and get some work done. My only memories were the phonics monster and in the sand pit making the only sculptures we could manage of volcanoes and hills.


I had lots of memories and these are just a few, Miss Elliot and Miss Bridges were the dreadful duo always playing tricks on each other and scaring each other. I once called them both my mum.


SATS week was very fun but a group of us decided to go very early for breakfast and ended up having to wait because not we were too early.   But the breakfast was really nice and we even got a few different choices suited to everyone.

My next big step

I am now going up to Cromwell and I know that Manea will always serve a place in my heart because it meant so much to me and set me up for my life ahead.  All the people that I met here have helped me in some way and I will never forget them for as long as I live. But for now I’m excited for the  next chapter in my education.

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Magical Memory Lane in Manea Primary School (2011-2018)

The rollercoaster ride at Manea Primary didn’t seem that long! But when you think of it; it was long ride that I will always remember.   I started at the start and finished at the end and it’s now time to move on.  Follow me through my journey here at Manea Primary…

New start

This was a new start for me. The beginning of Pine class.  I was hoping everyone was nice and guess what they were and I thought I hit the jack pot especially with the teachers.

Year one

Our year one was a lot of fun and we had a really nice teacher.  One day a friend of mine accidently called the teacher Mrs then mummy.  What a laugh we had.


From year three to year six it definitely got harder and more exciting.  In year three we had another nice teacher that taught us lots. All through our time we had lots of lovely teachers and we had lots of fun with them. 

Year 6 and S.A.T.S

Year Six was our greatest challenge, and I think that we faced it bravely.  When S.A.T.S came we all thought it would be hard and terrifying but actually we under estimated what they would be like and everyone got along with them smoothly.   There were lots of challenges but we fought through them as smooth as a shiny granite hard top, and found success.

Moving on

Now it’s time to move on and we will be going to secondary school to achieve more goals. We will be as fine as we were here as we shall just keep on trying.

Well now I’ve shared with you my time here I will be moving on and it’s time to make some new changes and decisions.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my journey.  However, the two in year six are just great.