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Leavers memories 2019


Thank You.

I would like to say thank you to all my teachers for making my experience at Manea Primary School wonderful and for teaching me many new things. For always putting up with me and getting me ready for Secondary School. I deeply appreciate it. A thank you to all my friends too, for making my childhood perfect.

Year 2

I can’t exactly remember Reception and Year 1 apart from that they were very fun and lovely but I only have one distinct memory of my time in Year 2. We were lining up to go outside and I was at the very front of the queue. All of a sudden my teacher -Miss Revell- pointed out a big, round bee sitting on my chest. I was told to stay calm. I held my breath for a good minute or two so the bee wouldn’t sting me. It eventually flew off and we started laughing. I couldn’t forget that one!

Year 3 and 4

My clearest memory in Year 3 was when my teacher –Miss Smith- asked Max (one of my classmates) a simple Maths equation. 2+3. The correct answer is 5, but Max on the other hand said, 7!? It was so hilarious that we continued to ask him each day!

Year 4 was very entertaining and full of joy. I had a very nice teacher, Miss Bridges, and an intelligent T.A, Miss Elliott. They both loved to sing and obviously shared many exciting memories together.

Year 5

In this year our fabulous teacher Mr Tull was hired! He was an absolutely amazing teacher that helped me through thick and thin. We had many laughs together and he then became our teacher in Year 6.

Year 6

Once again we had our teacher Mr Tull. At first we did have our Year 3 teacher Miss Smith but she soon left to move to France. I defiantly enjoyed Year 6 the most and I will miss this school very dearly. Many memories were made and I will remember each and every one.   






MY favourite lesson

My favourite lesson was in year six when we had Mr Tull and he let us teach our own lessons in groups of 4-6.We got to plan it and then during English we taught the lesson.



.play  2 day

.fossil galore

.fire station

.raptors foundation


.ferry meadows

.2 residential


During sats it wasn’t that bad because we got free felt like we were doing normal tests.

Summer productions

.year 2 Georges marvellous medicine

.year 3 world war 2

.year 4 Aladdin

.year 5 Italy’s got talent

.year 6 the gruffalie 



My favourite memory from ks1 was when we got to meet the owl that plays head wig in harry potter. when we went to the raptors foundation.


my favourite memory in ks2 was when a team that I was in got into the county finals and we came second.



Year six memories



I felt much pressured as I was coming in to S.A.T.S week. I felt quite confident at the maths test but the English test was very tricky.

Starting year six

I was quite scared to join a new school, but so many people were really kind and offered me to be the friend. I also remember within the first month of me joining Manea community primary school James would have a nose bleed two times a day some timed more than two.

Best parts

I went to a county final tournament in Saint Ives I did a 75 meter sprint in 10.15 seconds. Over all my team came second. We were so happy! 



My Primary  School Roller-Coaster!!!


My first year!

My first day in reception was when I learnt that school isn’t just about playing. I learnt that you have to listen and learn to get better.

Year one!

In year one I had a teacher called Mr Lenton! I learnt more and made more friends. I also remember Lilia tripping over a pen pot as she was running to a window trying to see a rainbow !

Year two

In tear two we did our SATS and learnt even more skills on learning!

Year three

As the years flew by I progressed in learning – I think !! Every Friday we would get free play and would fight over toys that we had and Miss Smith or Mrs Stone would threaten that we would do maths!

Year four!

Miss Bridges was our teachers name in year four she loved singing!! Once her phone went off and she danced to her ring tone and didn’t answer her phone. Also on the field at lunch time we were playing on a hill and I fell of – it hurt!!!

Year five!

In year five we had Mr Tull and we went to the fire station and learnt what you do if there was a fire. It was fun and we all had a good time!!

Year six.

Year six was the hardest year and I still pushed myself though and SATS were had t we all did well and most of us passed!!




My time at Manea Primary School



Mrs Stevens and Mrs Attrill were the best reception teachers and I couldn’t have asked for anymore. One memory that will stay with me forever is the make a circle song.



Mr Lenton was a great teacher and was lots of fun he liked singing and would hardly ever stop unless he was explaining a lesson. As a class  of 5-6 year olds we weren’t that well behaved and he handled us very well.



Mrs Revell and Mrs Biggs were my teachers in year 2 and they would take it in turns to teach us. But about half way through the year Mrs Biggs left and we were then taught by Mrs Revell everyday until we moved up to KS2.



By this time we had moved to KS2 and was being taught by Miss Smith and one of my favourite memories in year 3 was when Miss Smith asked Max what 2 plus 3 was he said the answer was 7 but the real answer is actually 5. Many people had laughing fits and I’m sure some people will never let Max forget it.



In year 4 we had a teacher called Miss Bridges she was very good at singing and very funny. One time her phone went of and she started dancing to her ringtone but after a while she stopped dancing and hung up. LOL!!!!!!!!



Year 5 was my favourite year as Mr Tull was hired he was an awesome teacher and lots of fun but as it came to the end of the year everyone became sad as we had to leave year 5.



In year 6 we started off with Miss Smith but a couple of months in she decided to leave and move to France, so Mr Tull came to teach us everyone was so excited to have him again. All the teachers who have taught me have pushed me to my fullest and if they didn’t I wouldn’t be filled with this much knowledge. All I can say is Thank You.




In year 3 it was fun we done maths and English our teacher was called Miss Smith we did a lot of fun stuff and we went to the zoo that was fun. We got to see a lot of animals and a lot of other stuff.

In year 4

We went to fairy meadows on our school trip for the year. Our teacher for the year was Miss Bridges. She was very fun. Whenever we won the attendance she played some music for her celebration. During year 4 some animals visited us and we got to stroke them. I enjoyed maths and English at my time in year 4.

In year 5

In year 5 I improved in maths. I also improved in English because my handwriting improved. We went to the fire station for a little trip. Also, we went to Duxford where most WW2 stuff are kept.  We done a lot of other stuff like art.


In year 6

During year 6 we did SATS it was very challenging but I tried my best and I think I did very well. In July we went to Play2day for our end of the year school trip and it was very fun. We played football and manhunt. I improved a lot in my maths and literacy. For our summer production we did “The Gruffalie” as our play. It was very adventurous in year 6 and for that I’m very grateful and I’m ready for secondary school.