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Year 6 Leavers Video Guidance (10TH JULY LAST ENTRY UPDATE)

Update 2:


As of 29th June, I've now received 15 superhero poses.


Not quite the 32 I was hoping for!


Due to what I have planned with these images, and in general the whole video, I'm creating a cut off point of Friday July 10th for everything. If you haven't sent it to me by then, your entries won't be featured in it. This video is going to take many, many, many hours to create and I don't want to have to keep going back and editing the bits I think I have already done.

Update 1:

After week 1 I have received:

3/32 Superhero pictures

1 R/Y6 picture

0 skill videos

0 memories videos


I know some of you have said that you are working on the videos etc, so that's fine, but also remember that the sooner you get it in to me, the more time I have to create an incredible film. 

With no production happening at the end of the year, I am hoping to create a video of your time in Manea. I've sketched out a plan, and if it comes off, it will be amazing. I need your help though, and so I am now going to list out the things I need from you. It is very important you read all the details on this page, as I need very specific things if the video is to look as good as possible!


A video of you talking about your memories

A segment of the video will be different children talking about their memories. I would like you to film yourself, or be filmed, talking about a nice memory or two of your time at Manea. It can be from any of your years at school here. Things to note.


- Look at the camera.

- Be aware of the background; anything you don't want people to see, make sure it is out of shot!

- Don't make it too long. Plan the thing you want to say, try not to spend too long pausing etc. 30-40 seconds is probably the longest, unless it's a killer story! 

- Feel free to send a few different stories in!


A photo of you in a super hero pose

I'm not going to tell you why I need this, but if it all works out, then it could look absolutely incredible!

- Take the photo in LANDSCAPE. 

- Think about having an interesting backdrop for this. Maybe try it out in the garden.

- Maybe you could be fighting someone else in your household! A photo mid kick or punch might be effective.

- What would be really very useful is a few of you to also dress up as a superhero. If you do this, you won't regret it. This could be as simple as a sheet as a cape, rubber gloves on and a tie as a bandana. 


Photos of you from your first days at Manea, and then your last days at Manea

This is all very self explanatory- any photos you have of your first days at school (or maybe short video footage!), and then any year 6 photos. 


Video of you showing off a skill

Much like a our 'talent' show for last year's Year 6 production, I'd like to show off your skills! What are you good at? Let's see!


- I may have to chop your video up, so don't send  in some really long piece. Try to keep it short and snappy if possible, no worries if not.

- Possible ideas- something sporty like a tennis rally against the wall, keepy uppies etc. Gymnastic skills. Telling jokes, dancing, playing an instrument etc. If you have an idea and you aren't sure, just ask me.


Acting Role

Are you interested in having some words to say? Let me know in an email. There may also be a couple of parts where I need you to be able to film in a certain way. It will take slightly more effort, nothing too major, but if you are happy to do it, let me know! 


Phew! Lots to take in, but actually I just need from you:

- A little video of you talking about any memories you have of Manea.

- A short video of you showing off any skills you want to share.

- A photo of you doing some form of superhero pose

- Any 'then and now' photos.


I'm not expecting memories videos from everyone, I'm not expecting skill videos from everyone. I do need a superhero pose video from everyone, and the more 'then and now' photos I get the better!


The sooner you get these to me, the sooner I can get editing it all together, and the more epic the video will be. So please do try and get these things done quite quickly, as in the next week or two.


If I need to update this page, I will make it clear I've updated it on the title heading on the previous page.


If you have any questions or thoughts, please do get in contact and let me know ( 


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