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In this section you will find the latest SEND information report and other updated relevant information. 

Sensory Circuits at Manea Primary School 

Since May 2015, Teaching Assistants at Manea Primary School have been running a daily Sensory Circuits programme. Children are initially invited to the programme which runs from 8:20am until 8:40am. The children then go to their classrooms to start the school day. The programme also runs during the school for children who may need the extra session.

What is Sensory Circuits?

Sensory Circuits is a recognised sensory motor skills programme designed specifically with children in mind. The children take part in specific activities which help to organise the sensory mind in preparation for their school day. This will either help the child become more alert of their senses which they may encounter, or they will become calmer.


How is Sensory Circuits run?

Each child needs to take part in three types of activities in a specific order. These are; 1) Alerting 2) Organising 3) Calming. They complete the activity for approximately 4-5 minutes before moving on to the next activity. They may complete as many activities in each section as they wish.


1) Alerting

1) Alerting 1 Trampette Bounce
1) Alerting 2 Step Ups
1) Alerting 3 Whizzy Dizzy

Other alerting activities include: Morning run.

2) Organising

2) Organising 1 Wobble boards
2) Organising 2 Bench slide
2) Organising 3 Chair crawl

Other organising activities include: Ball bounce

3) Calming

3) Calming 1 Crawling
3) Calming 2 Ball bounce / squash

Other calming activities include: Wall press ups

If you would like further information with regards to Sensory Circuits please contact the SENDCo, Mrs Revell via the school office, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.