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Sports funding and physical activity

Sports funding and Physical activity

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Sports Premium Budget 2016 - 2017


Sports Premium Budget- End of Summer term. 

So far this year we have spent £466.70 of the sports premium budget. 

We have spent: 

£160 on coach transportation to sports events in summer 1

£86.42 on sports equipment 

£109 on coaching for children and teacher training 

£95 on coach transportation to sports events  in summer 2 


2015 - 2016 Sports Premium Funding

Since the start of this academic year we have invested lots of funding in physical education. 

We have enrolled again with the Witchford Programme (£4700) in order to give our staff high-quality training in every sport they teach and provide children with the opportunity to take part in tournaments in many different sports around their area. Year 6 are just about to complete their last session of swimming and are all making good progress. Each year from April to April the budget for swimming is £2500 of which we have spent £910 in order for year six to take part in swimming lessons already. We have also had all of our equipment checked by 'Sports safe' (£22.00) annual review. Following this we are spending a further £155 to improve our sports equipment. 

What does PE look like in our school? 

Hockey in Year 2

Hockey in Year 2  1
Hockey in Year 2  2

Gymnastics in Year 5 and 6- Look at our concentration!

Gymnastics in Year 5 and 6- Look at our concentration! 1
Gymnastics in Year 5 and 6- Look at our concentration! 2

Netball in Year 4

Netball in Year 4  1

Sporting achievements:

In January, a group of year 5 and 6 boys represented the school in a football tournament against 4 other local schools. The boys won the first 3 games and drew the last game making them the overall winners. Well done everyone.  
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In November, our football team represented the school in a 5 a side tournament against 4 local schools. They won every match and won the event overall! 
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Have a look at what some of our children think of Physical Education at our school. Thank you to the children that took part in the survey... we have come up with some great next steps!

Our sports ambassadors