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W/C 20th November. 


This week started with Stone Age Day! On Monday Year 3 and 4 arrived in school not as themselves,  but as Stone Age boys and girls! We started the day by making our own Stone Age names, we had plenty of Ug, Dug and Om children which really confused Miss Smith. 


Being hunter-gatherers we had moved to Manea after following bison and woolly mammoth tracks which we followed into the woods. We decided that here was a good position for catching the animals for dinner and so we set up shelter. We used our imagination to pretend the tarpaulin was animal skin and built out shelters in our ideal positions ready for the arrival of dinner. 

Once our shelters were complete we needed something to hunt down the animals which we knew would soon be arriving at our settlement!


Use used knives to whittle wood to create spears. Some of us found it difficult at first and we wondered how people from the Stone Age could have done it with just a sharpened piece of flint! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
With our settlement set up and our spears at the ready it was finally time to hunt our dinner! We returned to school and discussed hunting techniques used by the Stone Age people. We took the javelins outside and took aim at potentially our dinner for the evening. It was great fun. 


In the afternoon we were split between our year 3 and 4 classrooms. We made necklaces by hollowing out willow and adding shells for our currency. We even had some maths problems to work out using the shells. 


We also wrote diary entries in the style of people from the Stone Age using pictures and symbols. We discussed our day and what we had enjoyed. Finally we created our own Stone Age language to tell other people about our time during Stone Age day. 


We had a great time and were all very tired by the end of the day! 

In history this week we looked at Stonehenge. Instead of Miss Smith teaching us about it she put up the work and facts around our outside area. It was our job to learn as many as we could in 10 minutes before the quiz! 


We were excellent at learning and exploring the facts and nearly all of us got all of our answers correct and got a merit! 


We were then able to create our own Stonehenge using resources in our classroom. We used everything we possibly could from shapes to dice and even beads and cubes. Our classroom was such a mess but we had great fun! 

W/C 13th November. 


This week we have been celebrating differences as part of Anti-bullying week and Children in Need. 


On Monday we looked at how people in our class were different as part of our PSHE lesson. We discussed our likes and dislikes, our hobbies and any interesting facts about ourselves. We found that whilst we were similar in many ways, we were also very different and that was what makes us such a great class! We designed our own unique hand print and wrote some of the qualities that made us special and different. 


On Tuesday we watched the Free DVD which followed Emma, a young girl with 2 mums and 2 dads. We discussed what made a family and decided that a family was a group of people who loved and cared for you, it didn't always have to mean you were related. We discussed how families were different and how no one family was the same and why this was good. Miss Smith thought that we had some brilliant ideas.


We rounded off our celebrating differences week by looking at Andy Warhol, a pop artist we have been researching. We looked at his portraits and discussed how each section said something different about the person. We thought hard about what was different about us and designed our own Andy Warhol inspired image. They look brilliant! Take a look at some of the pictures or come along to come and read this week to see them displayed. 


We also managed to earn ourselves the golden broom this week, something that was awarded to Fir class back in the first few weeks of term for a tidy classroom. After a fabulous, but messy, art lesson we worked so hard to tidy up the room whilst listening to the Mission Impossible timer to spur us on. Miss Smith was happy to finally have the well deserved prize in Willow Class and we couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. 




As a quick note, Miss Smith has noticed the lost property bag of unnamed jumpers, cardigans, shorts, shoes and coats has grown at an alarming rate recently. She would really like to find the owners of these as they are doing no good in the bag in this cold weather!


Please feel free to ask to come in and have a look if anything of yours has gone missing recently, some of them have been here since September!  

W/C 6th November.


What a busy week!  

In maths we have started to learn about multiplication. We have been using resources around the classroom to create arrays. Some of us chose to use beads, others cubes and some of us found the drawer of coins and decided that these made interesting arrays. 


We have since moved onto solving word problems with some of us getting nearly 4 pages of questions completed! WOW! 


We are working really hard this term so far. Take a look at our pictures to see some of our arrays.

We have been working really hard this week in Literacy. We have started looking at a new book, Stig of the Dump and we are really enjoying it. We have been looking at describing a setting and characters. 


We used our outside environment to come up with different similes. 

We have had some fantastic home learning this week! We have had children practicing their spellings, some amazing roman numerals work and a cave made out of cardboard, stones and wool. Well done everyone!


W/C 30th October


We have now settled back into our school routine after having a week off for half term. 


In Literacy we have started a new book called Stig of the Dump by Clive King. We are really enjoying it so far. We have been looking at describing a setting using adjectives and have found that Stig's cave in the dump is very interesting. 


In Maths we have been revising place value, addition and subtraction which we were doing last half term. We have worked really hard using practical resources to explore these. 


We hope you enjoyed our harvest assembly on Thursday, we have worked really hard on it and were really excited, yet nervous, to show you all what we had been doing. We are all so proud! 



Have a look at our fabulous maths work on ordering numbers!

W/C 16th October


We made it! Our first half term in Key Stage 2 has been a success and we are all ready for a well deserved break! 


This week we have been learning all about Stone Age food and farming. We were surprised to learn that farming started back in the Stone Age and is still around today! We discussed how the farmers began to grow cereals towards the Iron Age. Once we got the picture of a Weetabix tree out of our heads we wrote all about how the  grain could be used to make bread! 


In maths we have had a great time recapping our learning by creating games, completing maths challenges and working together to solve reasoning problems. After half term we will be learning about multiplication. It would be a great help if you could help us at home to learn some of our times tables. We are getting really good at our 2's and 3's! 


In literacy Miss Smith gave us some time to explore our writing. We took on the theme of the Stone Age and could write whatever we wanted! We now have some amazing stories, comic strips and play scripts! 


Have a lovely half term holiday and enjoy a well deserved rest! 


W/C 9th October


In PSHE this week we discussed what it meant to be a good listener. We sat back to back with our friends and tried to talk about our favourite foods and found it very hard not to shout. We then tried to talk to our partners about our favourite TV shows with our eyes closed and our favourite outfit whilst sitting on our hands. We found that it was difficult to talk to another person without making eye contact and using hand gestures.


We spoke as a class about how it makes us feel when someone listens to us and shows us good listening behaviours, for example giving us eye contact, sitting up straight and paying attention. This made us feel happy and encouraged us to talk more. We also thought about how it could make someone feel if someone wasn't listening to us and how we could make sure we were always good listeners. 


In maths we have been learning all about inverses. We found that addition and subtraction were inverses and we could use these to check if our calculations were correct. We played games of connect 4 with a partner to practice using the inverse to check whether different calculations were correct or not. We found that using the inverse would work as the answers to both calculations would be different.

W/C 2nd October


In Literacy this week we have been using Ug to learn about play scripts. 

After enjoying Ug so much during DT week we have been able to explore it further in our lessons this week. We started the week off by discussing the difference between a play script and our reading books and we found that a play script was set out rather differently! We used Ug to write our own play script scenes which we swapped with another pair to act out!


We have been writing different scenes from Ug and then acting these out in our drama lessons. We have been working really hard to look at the character descriptions and work out how we can show how our character is feeling. 


We have used our facial expressions and body language to show emotions such as angry, happy, sad and tired. But it was harder to show emotions such as disinterested, bored or hurt. 


We used our Go Noodle class champion, Rad Chad, to help us to read with expression (and not read like a robot!) and we have found that changing our tone of voice works well. Why don't you take a look at our pictures and see if you can work out how our characters are feeling. 

In art this week we were transported back to the Stone Age! We discussed the materials available to people in the Stone Age and some of us used the research we completed for homework to discuss what they made their paint out of. 


We worked out that stones were available in the Stone Age and our science topic of rocks helped us to decide that chalk would be a good art resource to use. 


We designed our own cave paintings used to tell the stories of our new Stone Age life before we went outside to complete our drawings stuck to the 'cave  walls'! 


We then thought hard about whether people in the Stone Age completed their own drawings and decided to create a HUGE cave painting using our chalk on the playground floor! We drew our new Stone Age houses, which we had explored in history, the animals that we could see from our caves and we drew ourselves! We hope you saw our paintings when you came to pick us up! If not, here are some pictures. 

DT Week 25th September


What a busy week we have had! For DT week we decided to focus on our topic of the Stone Age. 


On Monday we read the book Ug by Raymond Briggs. We were excited to read a comic book in class and discuss how this was different from our usual reading books. After learning that people in the Stone Age had to travel around on foot we decided that Ug needed a new method of travel. 


We used inspiration from Ug's newly invented wheel to design a brand new car. We were then excited to learn that we would be making these! 


We were able to use the saws to cut our wood to the correct length before joining the pieces together using glue. We all got very messy! We chose our own wheels and a method of joining these to our cars. 


We were so happy when our cars could roll across the carpet and we were very proud to see them on display in our classroom!



Our next task was to design Ug a new meal. We learnt all about Stone Age diets and found that a lot of their food came from the animals they hunted. We researched different meals and created a new meal plan to give to Ug's mum. We then learnt all about the 5 food groups where we discovered that Ug's meat only diet is not healthy or balanced!


With the help of our peers we were able to make a food mobile which can be seen hanging in our classroom. This tells you all about the 5 food groups and some examples of the food in each group. 


Using this knowledge we discussed how Ug needed some different foods in his diet and it was essential that he started eating his 5-a-day! We had found that stewed fruit was a popular Stone Age meal and this would provide Ug with some well needed vitamins and minerals. 


We wrote instructions for Ug and his mum to follow before being told that we could make this meal for ourselves. On Wednesday morning we measured out blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and plums based on our instructions and took them outside in the cauldron. 


Mr Lenton helped us to start a fire in the outdoor area and we watched our stewed fruit being cooked. We really enjoyed cooking our food on the fire, however, our favourite part was getting to eat it afterwards. 

After reading the book Ug we discovered that his biggest problem with living in the Stone Age was his stone trousers. We discussed how stone trousers would be uncomfortable, would probably give us blisters and would stop us from running around!


We completed some market research by asking members of our class what their favourite trousers were. We found that jeans came out as the most favourite. 


Our next task was to design some new trousers for Ug. We thought of a new name for them, the material we thought would be the most comfortable and then we added some patterns and colour, they looked amazing!


Unfortunately we found out that Ug could not afford to buy all of our trousers so we had to create a persuasive advert to persuade him to buy ours. We think our buy one get one free, half price and a free pair of saber tooth tiger socks might have won him over! 


Finally we had to make the trousers. We had a model of Ug for size and we used our maths work of measuring to draw a template. We then cut out the fabric in a colour we thought Ug would like before joining them in a way we thought was best for our product. 

We have had a really great DT week in Willow Class. We hope you will all join us on Monday (2nd October) at the market place to see our work for yourselves! 

W/C 18th September


In art this week we have been exploring natural art. We discussed the materials available for artists in the stone age and then searched for these on the playground. We used sticks, leaves and even soil to create fantastic artwork and then we told the stories of our art to our class! They included a Stone Age wedding, a campfire song and even people meeting at a waterfall.


In literacy this week we have been learning all about newspapers as part of our non-fiction focus. After reading Stone Age Boy we reported on the discovery of new cave paintings using headlines such as 'PREHISTORIC PAINTINGS MADE PUBLIC' and 'SUPER STONE ART SEEN'. We then used drama to explore the style of news reports and even conducted interviews with Om and the little boy! 



W/C 11th September.


This week we have been looking at place value in maths. We started the week by using base 10 to make different numbers up to 100. We then moved on to writing numbers up to 1000 in numerals and in words! We had great fun setting each other challenges outside and writing our numbers with chalk. 




In topic this week we have been learning all about cave paintings. We listened to the story of Altamira, a cave in Spain where archaeologists discovered ancient cave paintings, and thought hard about what we would include on our own paintings. We were set the challenge of painting with our hands and explored mark making and how to create different textures in the paint. In history we researched how cave paintings were created, one of our key questions for this topic. We discovered some really interesting facts which we would be happy to share with you. 













Our first week in Year 3!


We have had an excellent start to Year 3 this week. We have been settling in to our new daily routines and working hard in our new lessons. 


This week we have been revising our four operations in maths. We have worked really hard using our maths bags and resources to add and subtract numbers up to 100 and to multiply and divide by 2, 4 and 5. 


Our topic this term is the Stone Age. In Literacy we have been using drama to explore a picture of people in the Stone Age. We have used freeze frames to capture a moment in time and used speech and dialogue to bring them to life. 


We are hoping to find out more about what people in the Stone Age eat and where they live as this is something that we found out interests us. Hopefully we will learn this soon and will be able to tell you all about it!