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In our learning walks this week we have decided to create a home for the fox in the large blocks with cushions and different beds for the members of the fox family.  A big castle for the bats was created in the sand with different areas that the bats could sleep in. It was quite tricky to make as initially the sand was too dry! We have also linked our potion area to the nocturnal animals to try and help them fly better and sleep!

We created a home for the hedgehog

In other learning....

This week we are continuing with our nocturnal animals investigations, developing our knowledge through building homes in our busy learning.  We are also beginning to investigate the celebration of Diwali.  See below for more information.

We are also learning about the numbers 4 and 5, their position in the number line and how we can count carefully.  One of our challenges was to sort groups of objects that were 4 or 5.

In literacy we are retelling the story of 'The Way Back Home' and learning the letters e u r and blending these to read words.

In forest school we are continuing with our investigations for clues about nocturnal animals and in PE we are moving as different animals as well as discussing how we could celebrate Diwali.

What a busy week!  Please see the webpages on the home link information above and if you require any further information, please email Mrs Stevens on

Our investigations about Diwali...

We have investigated the celebration of Diwali this week.  We have found out about the way that it is celebrated and discussed similarities and differences to the other celebrations that we have worked on this year.  We then watched a clip of Deeya who was celebrating her first Diwali with her family and also the story of Diwali.  We then used the puppets to retell the story and develop our understanding further.  As Diwali is the festival of light we then created some leaf lanterns and our own Divas to take home that are made from clay.  We used the terms that we have developed in our playdough areas such as stretch, pinch, twist, squeeze, pat, push, roll and have also added a spout which we saw in our observations of divas.  To make our divas sparkly we then added some glitter.  We felt this would make the light shine even more!   The other term that we investigated was Rangoli patterns.  These are used to welcome people to the home for the celebration and Deeya made a wonderful peacock pattern.  We used our loose parts to help us create our own patterns.  We finished the celebrations of with a dance during our PE session.