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Wow!  Super work this week - well done Team Reception


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I hope you are all enjoying your home learning – I miss you all very much and am looking forward to seeing you all again.  Please email me any questions or pictures of your home learning on

Don’t forget you can do your learning inside or outside!



Use the website to investigate this sound along with words around you and in books – also use the ‘you tube' clip to help!



Yes it is Geraldine! She loves this sound!



What can you do with this number?  Can you say the number that is before it, one more than, one less than, can you add two numbers together to make this number?  Can you count objects to this number?  Can you write this number.  Can you share out this number of objects between 2 people equally?


Main text: 

Oxford Owl Website – Log into ebooks 4-5 years


Silver Foil Rocket


  • Read the story with your grown up – what did Kipper make?  What did he use?  What was your favourite part of the story?  Why?  What would you have made with silver foil? 
  • Create your own rocket – design it first and write a list of what you will need to make it –you’re your grown up got all the materials needed?  If not what else could you use? Build your rocket – give instructions to a grown up to help you!  Write some labels for your rocket.  Create a name for your rocket
  • Think about where a rocket might travel to – create some stories with your toys about rocket adventures – will you use them inside?  Outside? 
  • Super song to enjoy – we’re going to the moon
  • Rocket ship yoga session



Don’t forget to keep active….. Use the Jo Wicks PE sessions on You tube.

Dance to your favourite song!

Move in different ways around your house