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Friday 22nd


Duration - 15 minutes


Please practise your spellings. Write them out using 'Look, Cover, Write, Check'. If you can spell them, try writing sentences using the words. It is really important with this particular list that you practise using the words in sentences as I am sure a lot of the words are quite easy for you. The most important thing is you know how to use singular and plural form correctly, as well as with apostrophes. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To show how characters feel through their behaviour and actions. 


Today, you will be attempting to show how characters feel without using 'feeling' words. Brainstorm as many 'feeling' adjectives as you can. For example, happy, sad, depressed, etc. 


When you write your description, you will not use any of these words. Instead, you will show how a character feels by their behaviour and actions. For example, let's say our character feels a bit unsteady on his feet. How can we describe this without spelling it out to the reader? We could say that the character had to hold on to something as he stood up, stay still for a moment while he got his balance and then shuffle slowly and carefully, making sure he was holding on to the things around him at all times. The writer hasn't said that this character is old, but you have worked it out from how the character is behaving. 


Watch the short video below. At no point does a narrator tell you how the character is feeling. But you can work it out for yourself by watching how he behaves. As you watch it, try to stop it and various points and explain what emotions the character is feeling and how you know this by his actions and facial expressions. 

Pixar Geri's Game

Independent task: 

Please describe the moment a character enters the world you created on Wednesday. You should explain their actions and behaviour and describe their movements and facial expressions. You should not use words such as 'amazed', 'surprised', 'happy', etc. Instead, you should show these emotions through your writing. For example, 'She stood as still as a statue, drinking it in with her eyes. Her head moved slowly from side to side as she gazed at the wondrous sight before her. Her breathing shallowed and her hands began to shake. Please write one or two paragraphs. 


Duration: 15 minutes



Looking or feeling dejected or sad. 


I felt so glum about my bad test result that I was determined to do better next time. 


I always feel glum when I wake up and it is raining. 


From the looks of the glum faces of my friends, I knew something bad must have happened. 


I didn't want to go home after my holiday and I spent the entire plane ride home feeling sad and glum.


The football fans streamed out after the match feeling decidedly glum. 


Now have a go at writing your own sentences. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To convert between kilograms and grams. 


Please watch the attached video. It might be helpful for you to take some notes during the video or copy things down. Pause it as you need to. This will help you when you have to complete the activity afterwards. 

Grams and Kilograms




























Please go back and correct any you got wrong. 


Challenge: Create your own three word problems. 


Duration: 20 minutes

To read for pleasure

Read a book of your choice- and see if it is on the AR system. 

Draw a storyboard of the events from your book. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To identify some of the risks at places we visit. To know there are people we can go to for help. 



Brainstorm all the places you might go in a single week (before lockdown). Consider also the places your friends might go even if you don't, for example, church. 


Below are six places you might have listed. 

When you go out, you will be with someone you trust who can look after you. But sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation you are not comfortable with - think of last week's lesson when you found yourself in a situation with your friends. The most important thing to do in situations you are not happy with is to 'Stop, Decide, Do'. 



Look at the six pictures above and identify three risks that might be associated with each place. For example, in a supermarket you might be separated from your parent, a parent or you might trip over something and hurt yourself or perhaps you might drop something and break it before you have paid. 


You can write these risks down, or discuss them if you are working with someone else.


Now, please pick one risk for each picture and then complete the 'Stop, Decide', Do' to help you solve the problem. 


It is never a good idea to talk to people you don't know. But sometimes you might have to seek help from an unknown adult. For each picture, please identify one or two people who you could go to for help. 


Independent task:

Medium - Draw a picture of one of the places you listed that is not one of those I have attached. Label the picture with some ideas of what might go wrong. Identify someone you could go to for help. 

Spicy - Draw a picture of one of the places you listed that is not one of those I have attached. Label the picture with risks associated with this place. Choose one risk and complete the 'Stop, Decide, Do' method. Describe the outcome once this method has been applied. Identify one person you could go to for help. 

Hot - Draw a picture of one of the places you listed that is not one of those I have attached. Label the picture with risks associated with this place. Choose two risks and complete the 'Stop, Decide, Do' method. Identify one or two people you could go to for help. 


Duration: 20 minutes


If you could have three wishes, what would they be and why? 

Quickly decide on your three wishes. 

Now answer these questions: 


Have you wished for yourself, or have you wished for others? 

If your wishes were granted, how would they make your life better? 

If your wishes were granted, would they make life worse for anyone else? For example, if you wished to win the Lottery, you might win but someone else then wouldn't. They would miss out on their money because of you.

Would your wishes make others jealous if they were granted? 

Have you heard of the saying, 'Be careful what you wish for'? What do you think this means? 


Talk to someone else about their choices. Have you changed your mind now you have heard their choices?