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Monday 1st

Monday 1st


Duration: 15 minutes

Assembly Part 1


Duration: 15 minutes


A prefix is a letter or letters added to the start of a word to change its meaning.

The prefixes ‘anti’ means ‘against’

Most prefixes are added to the beginning of root words without any change in spelling.


Please practise your spellings for fifteen minutes. Use 'Look, Cover, Write, Check'. 


Duration: One hour



LO: To write an explanation text on a topic of your choice. 


For the past few weeks, you have been studying the topic of 'explanation texts' and have been writing your own. Today, you will choose your own topic to write about. This can be any topic of your choice. I have included a checklist to help you. I will be asking you about these on the Friday zoom session. 


Remember to include: 

Capital letters

Full stops

A heading


Drawings or labelled diagrams or flowcharts

Technical vocabulary linked to your topic choice

The present tense

Correct spelling



Duration: 15 minutes



Having a potbelly.


Most potbellied pigs have few health problems. 


I overheard my mum telling my dad that he was getting quite potbellied. Luckily he laughed. 


Despite being underweight, the baby had a cute little potbelly. 


My old, potbellied cat needs a ramp to get on my bed now. 


I always feel slightly potbellied after Christmas and have to go on a diet. 


Can you have a go at writing your own examples? 


Duration: 20 minutes


Warm up: Explore the following words/ phrases, do you know what they all mean? 


Abruptly,         perfect unison,           briskly,         haughty,         irritated. 


Main: To review prior knowledge:  Shut your eyes, and imagine a head teacher. What do they look like? What is their personality like? 


Open your eyes and draw a picture of a headteacher. Then write down three things that you think a head teacher would say. 


Duration: One hour


Starter: Please complete this multiplication grid. You will need to work out the missing values along the top row and then complete it as you would a normal multiplication table. 


Learning Objective: To be able to subtract multiples of ten.


There are two levels of work here. If you would like more practice with this topic, please watch the video attached. Then, complete the two worksheets and mark your answers. If you already feel confident, please scroll down until you reach the spicy work. 

Subtracting Multiples of 10


Please make sure you are answering these mentally. Do not use the column method. If you are unable to do this mentally, please practise with the sheets above until you become more confident. 




Duration: One hour

Exploring 4 beats in a bar


In this lesson, we are going to explore how music is organised and look at music with 4 beats in a bar.

Click Here


Duration: 10 minutes

Active 8 Minute Workout for Kids


Duration: 15 minutes

Chapter 5 - With permission from Simon and Schuster