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W/B 25.9.23


This week we have been learning about verbs and have learnt about the different 'to be' verbs. We have also looked at action verbs and have been spotting verbs in sentences.



Year 1 have been comparing two sets of numbers. They have been using the language of greater than, less than and equal to.

Year 2 have been finding numbers on a number line and have been counting in jumps of 1 and 10. We have also solved problems using the number lines. 



We have been continuing our Science topic and have been thinking about naming different body parts. We drew pictures of ourselves and tried to label our heads, eyes, ears, nose, arms, legs, chest and abdomen. 


Busy Learning

We have had so much fun exploring our new busy learning outdoor areas. We have focussed our learning on The Ugly Five and have been creating a nest for some of the animals. We have also made African landscapes in the Lego area and snacks for the animals in the mud kitchen.