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W/B 2.10.23


This week the children have been learning all about verbs, subjects and clauses. We have learnt that an independent clause needs a subject and a verb, with a full stop at the end and a capital letter at the start. We have used counters and cut up strips of paper to help us build our independent clauses. 



Year 1 have been completing number lines and finding missing missing numbers. They have also been making towers of cubes in their independent learning, to see whose towers have the most cubes. 

Year 2 have been ordering and comparing numbers up to 100. We have used the < > and = symbols to compare pairs of numbers. We have also ordered 3 or more numbers from smallest to greatest.



We have completed our Science learning this week by thinking about our own animal which could join The Ugly Five. This is a story we have been focusing on in our Guided Reading and Provision areas and we have used it to help inform the children about different animals. They designed their own animal and decided which animal group it belonged to. They also thought about if it was a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.


Busy Learning:

Our challenges this week have been based on The Ugly Five. The children have been designing mazes for the animals to travel through in Block and Lego. They have also enjoyed acting out their favourite parts of the story on the outdoor stage.