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Year 1

Literacy Homework

This week, we have been learning about Little Red Riding Hood. In the story, she takes a basket of food to share with her Grandmother.

If you were going to take a basket of food to someone, what would you take? Why? Who would you most like to share it with?


For your homework, we would like you to answer these questions. You can do this in any way that you like. You might choose to write about what you would take and who you would share it with. You might like to draw, paint or create a ollage and add some notes or labels. You might even like to ask your grown-up if you can cook or prepare something and then write about it afterwards.


We are so excited to see how you get on! 


Maths Homework

This week, we would like you to have another practise of your number bonds using one of our favourite games: Hit the Button! We have used the game before so hopefully you can remember what to do; a number will be shown at the top of the screen, and you have to click on the amount that matches to make the bond.


You can choose your level of challenge; perhaps you would like to practise your bonds to 10, or to 20, or even your multiples of 10 up to 100. Have a look at the different options and your grown-up can help you to choose the level that is right for you.


Here is the link to the game:  

Click on the green 'Number Bonds' button. 


Good luck, and don't forget to send us some photos or an email to tell us how you have got on!