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Celebrations from week two... 


This week we have seen some amazing efforts from children working at home and it's been a real pleasure to have messages from lots of children in Ash class who are eager to share their work with us. We would love to hear a weekly update from all of you, to hear how you are getting on with your learning challenges, as a reminder our email address is:

Home learning

Exciting news... 

Normally when you have finished reading a book we ask you to do an AR quiz. This can normally only be done at school, but the team at Accelerated reader have now made this accessible from home whilst the schools are closed. This means whenever you finish reading a book at home you can log on to the AR website and see if they have a quiz for it. Just follow these steps: 


  • You must use our website link which is:
  • You will then see a familiar log in screen. Use your normal school log in. If you are unsure of it, email us at we will send it over to you. 
  • Search the name of your book and see if you can find a quiz for it. 
  • Complete your quizzes independently. 
  • You can only do quizzes on weekdays: Monday to Friday. 


The same company also run a website that has thousands of online books for children from year one upwards. Again, they have allowed us to have free access to this site just for the period of time where schools are shut. The link for this website is: When you browse for a book on there, make sure you read the info section to see which year group it is suitable forSome of the books on this site also have quizzes on the AR website. Unfortunately, some of them are linked to the American sites and although they will give you a quiz number you will not be able to find them on our UK website. If you want to check which ones have quizzes you can use the AR book finder website. 

Our expectations for week 3 of home learning

Our expectation is that each day you complete a Maths, Writing and topic activity alongside your daily reading and times tables practice. Right now it is vital we stay happy and healthy- so don't forget to complete physical activity every day too- Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson is a great start to the morning.  


This is the last time we will update the web page until Thursday 16th April so that you have some time to enjoy an Easter Break.

This week's learning challenges: 



We all know how important exercise is right now- you should be keeping yourself active every day. Keep joining in with Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson on youtube each morning. Challenge: Can you design your own workout? You could film it and share it with us if you wish! 


This week's Literacy is all about Recounts. Have a read of the recount below. What are the key features? What should you include?

  • Task 1: Practise writing sentences in the past tense, present tense and future tense. E.g. Yesterday, I painted my bedroom wall. Today, I am painting my bedroom wall. Tomorrow I will paint my bedroom wall. 
  • Task 2: Write a recount under the title of "My best day ever". First think of the best day you ever had. Verbally tell the story to somebody in your family and then write it. How can you keep your reader excited? Make sure you write in the past tense and use paragraphs. 
  • Task 3: Watch the video below. Write about the event as if you were the iguana. How can you show your reader you were feeling scared without telling them "I was scared?"

Iguana vs Snakes | Planet Earth II


We have had a few lovely pictures of children reading this week- We hope you all keep up the good work and remember to do your AR tests as well. 

Here is this week's inference picture: 

  • Why does the purple creature have a peg on its nose? Why are its cheeks bulging?
  • Why does he have his foot in a bowl?
  • How is he feeling? Why?
  • Add thought bubbles to this picture.
  • Why is the title ‘Pegged’? Give this image a new title. Explain your choice.







Last week we completed a range of multiplication problems. We have been really pleased to see how many of you have been logging into TimesTables Rockstars this week to continue practising your times tables. The website has shown that you are all making great progress with these, but our next steps are to really work on your seven and eights times tables- so please keep learning these. 

This week, we are thinking about applying our knowledge of our times tables up to 12 x 12 to solving division problems for examples if we know 5 x 9= 54 then we know 9 x 5 = 54 and 

54÷9=5  and 54 ÷5=9. 

Our next step is then to use a written method to support us in solving division problems. Our first method is chunking on a number line. 

Division on a number line



This week, we would like you to learn all about the water cycle. The following website have some useful information that could help you with this: 

We would normally start this unit by reading the story ‘The little Raindrop’ by Joanna Gray. Please find the video of this below, alongside a video explaining The Water Cycle.


The Water Cycle | Educational Video for Kids

Challenges: (Choose some of the challenges below) 

  • Find out the meaning of the following words: Condensation Infiltration  Runoff Evaporation Precipitation 
  • Complete the Water cycle labelling sheet
  • Create your own water cycle experiment: 
  • Write and illustrate your own story from the perspective of a water droplet completing the water cycle.
  • Research water pollution create a report.

Keeping busy... additional learning