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Celebrations from week one... 

Congratulations on completing your first few days of home learning. Our expectation is that each day you complete a Maths, Writing and topic activity alongside your daily reading and times tables practice. Right now it is vital we stay happy and healthy- so don't forget to complete physical activity every day too- Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson is a great start to the morning.  If you have any questions about the work we have set please don't hesitate to email us with your questions at


We were really missing seeing all of your lovely work- but had a few fabulous emails that made us smile. Don't forget to send in your photos or work so that we can celebrate your learning too! 

I had a lovely email telling me this child had finished a whole book already! It was great to hear they enjoyed it too- I may have to start reading it soon. 


Did you know that David Walliams is releasing a free audio book every day at 11 oclock? You can listen to them on the link below. There's also lots of activities on his website that link to his books. 

Here is an interesting story written about Thor and Loki by another member of Ash class. I particularly liked the fronted adverbials and the adjectives at the beginning of the story. 

Challenges for Week 2... 

Let's start of our challenges this week with PE. Don't forget how important it is still stay healthy and active- especially at a time where we are spending most of our days at home. 


Don't forget to keep reading every day. You could make up some of your own activities about the books that you have read- e.g. ask a character 5 questions, can you design a day out for one of your characters? Write a diary entry as if you were one of the characters from your story. 


Here is this week's inference picture: (

 Who is ‘Little Taylor’?

  • What does ‘valiant’ mean? Find the meaning and discuss why Valerio Fabbretti describes Taylor as valiant.
  • What is Taylor doing? Why?
  • How is he feeling at this moment?
  • What happened before this picture? 


Please find some reading comprehension activities below. Our usual reading format is to work on the following activities one each day: group reading, reading comprehension, inference activity, vocabulary development and reading for pleasure. 

Our Mrs Wordsmith words this week would have been wary, gleaming and soothing. Can you find out what these mean and use them in a sentence?



This week we would have begun to think about writing our own myths using the Greek Gods as our key characters. To begin with, use the myth beginning I have given below to complete the myth. Next, begin to plan your own myth using Loki as the key character. What mischief can he cause? Use the setting below as inspiration ( Don't forget to plan your story first. It would normally take us most of the week to write a story, planning, writing and editing it. 

 Midgard- The goblins' cave. Underground live the goblins: smelly, greasy creatures, but they do make great jewellery

This week we are thinking all about multiplication, focusing on the objectives I have listed below. Please also find resources or activities for ideas to support each of these. We appreciate that you may not all have access to a printer- so use the worksheets as a guidance for questions you could challenge yourselves with. 


Multiply three one digit numbers together e.g. 6 x 4 x 5 = 

This is an easy one to make fun and active- especially in this lovely weather. 

- Number some cans with 1 - 9. Can you throw a hoop (or knock over) three of them? Multiply the three numbers together. 

- Play with a parent or brother or sister. Pace numbers 0-9 on the floor face down at the other end of the garden. You have 30 seconds to run and grab a number and bring it back to your starting point. Keep going until each person has collected three. Multiply them together. The winner is the person with the highest answer. You can change the goal posts on this e.g. the winner is the person with the answer closest to 50 or with an even number etc. 


Multiply two and three digit numbers using a formal written method- e.g. 54 x 9 or 367 x 8  

For this we would use two methods. Partitioning or the grid method. We have learnt both methods in school already- but in case you've forgotten this video may help you (don't forget we call them ones not units though). You could make questions up using a dice to form your numbers. Another fun activity- get the recipe for 5 cupcakes... but what if I need to make 30 cupcakes? Multiply your recipe by 6 etc (or you could make mud pies in the garden) 


As you know, we work in topic blocks at school. We are currently in our Geography topic block. We have already asked you to research the Viking homelands of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Now lets think about a different country. Do you know which countries are in Europe? Choose one of these countries to research. Can you find it on a map? Which countries are nearby? What are the physical and human features of the country? What do they like to eat there? Why do people visit the country? What food is popular there? etc. Make a fact file or a holiday brochure. It would be great to put these all together when we get back to school to make a giant Europe travel brochure. 
When we return, we will be starting our new French unit of 'As-tu un animal?' unit. Below I've attached the vocabulary for this unit. Can you research different French words for pets? Challenge: complete the worksheet below. 

As you know there is so much going on around us right now and everybody is getting used to things changing. My mission for you this week is to.... SPREAD A SMILE! How many times can you make your family members smile? Can you give them compliments without them realising that's the challenge you've been given?  I'd love to hear all of your stories about how you have made people smile this week! 


Have you found any other great things to do whilst at home? Please let me know so I can post them on here, your ideas may inspire another child in our class!


Remember if you have any questions or want to share your work with us get your parents to email the class email address:


Thank you- keep up the hard work and be the best that you can be. 


 Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell.