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13th July 2020

Your final full week!


Hey everyone, and welcome to your final full week at Primary School! It's a shame we don't get to spend it together, but I will be seeing you all next Monday or Tuesday when I pop over to deliver some goodies.


I've been working super hard on your leavers video for the last month, and it's starting to come together- it will be finished somewhere between Friday and Monday, depending on how much sleep I want to get between now and then.


Keep up the good work and enjoy everything you do : )

Your week's work



So last week you produced some scale replicas of rooms/ places in your house, and I'm sure your parents are loving all the things you are making/ putting them up in special places around the house.


This week I'd just like you to complete the paper packs that you were given. The year 6 maths pack has a variety of fun challenges for you to do, so enjoy! There are also times tables sheets for you to try if you have not done so already.


I've included a PDF version below too:



With my murderer finally caught (who was it by the way? I need to find out who to haunt), we can now move onto your final writing task of your Primary School lives!


As per the pack:


Year 6 is a nerve wracking time for the upcoming year 5s… you were one of them not so long ago!

I would like you to write a survival guide for them! What would you have liked to have known moving up to Year 6? Here are some ideas:

  • What’s the best way to deal with the adults who work in the room? How do you get on their good side? How do you not upset them?
  • What things will they enjoy? What might they find hard?
  • Any tips for managing friendship issues?
  • Many of you were revising for SATs before we went into lockdown- what would recommend is the best way to revise?
  • How did you handle your worries and concerns about SATs? What did you do to distract and calm yourselves down?


Now of course, these survival guides won't be much good if the current year 5s never get to see them! So please make a big final effort to send them in, so their year 6 teacher next year can share them! 



There is no more topic, so this week it is just transition activities. I have attached a pack of ideas look through and have a go at the ones you think will help you feel more prepared!

Enjoy your FINAL EVER reading comprehension and Mrs Wordsmith questions! Eek!