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Animal Experience


In Literacy this week we have been writing mixed up fairy tales. Ther have been bears living in bean stalks, Goldilocks has been wearing a red cape, wolves have been marrying handsome princes and soup has been popping out of magic lamps. The children have had a lovely time creating their own fairy tale middled stories.



In maths this week we have continued to focus on using our addition skills to apply to problem solving. The Year 1 children have shown their understanding of how a part, part, whole model works and have used this understanding to think of different ways to represent how many sheep were in the barn and how many were outside. The Year 2 children have been using bar models and learning how to use the information to write number sentences. 



The children have continued to use their computing skills to create pictures in the style of Mondrian and Matisse.

Homework 21.10.22