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This week is all about the DUCKLINGS!  We have obviously been carrying on with our work, but also looking after the ducks.  We have been reading books all about ducks and then re-reading 'Farmer Duck' to them whilst they are sleeping.  


In our maths we have been continuing with sharing work - We have created our own duck pond with our counting ducks and then solved the challenge - making sure that each duck had an equal amount of bread.


In our writing we have written our diaries - adding information about our weekend.  We are getting very good at using keywords and also our handwriting is amazing.  We are also writing captions about what we find in the outdoor area and in our forest school session.


We are also developing our minibeast knowledge, continuing with investigating the different minibeasts we can find and where we find them.  We are also sewing our very own cobwebs.


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As the ducks have grown so well we have been able to teach them to swim.  We all had to sit very still and quiet and then Mrs Stevens brought them outside.  They loved the water and also enjoyed running around exploring!