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Oak Class

Wednesday 22nd July


Today was their last day...  Oak Class are leaving Manea Primary School.  They are a wonderful class who have worked extremely hard this year.  We are all very proud of them, and they should be very proud of all their achievements. Their leaver's assembly was a great culmination to a year of hard  work. A fabulous team! We wish them every success in the future.

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Manea Gala

Saturday 11th July 2015


Many of Year 6 joined their float to celebrate 60 years of the Manea Gala.



As usual, year 6 were a great credit to the school.


Week commencing 6 July 2015

Summer ... or is it?

Year 6 have spent time outside looking at the sights and listening to the sounds of summer. We even tried to smell summer!

In class we spent time discussing our findings and then used these to paint our own summer pictures. Once these were completed we annotated our works of art with colourful descriptions of our scenes.


We have also visited Cromwell Community College as part of our transition to secondary school programme.

Year 6 Leaver's Trip to Hunstanton.

Thursday 2 July 2015

We had a great day. We visited the Sea Life Centre and enjoyed looking at the different fish. Our favourite moment was watching the seals have their lunch and learning about how they came to be at the centre. We also visited the seal rescue centre where we saw some very poorly seals and saw how they were being treated before being released back into the sea.

Our 'fish and chip' lunch was great and then we spent some time on the beach.


As we all agreed it was ...

WC 22.06.15


Magna Carta 

As part of our work on British Values we have researched the Magna Carta and produced our own information leaflets. 

Buddy Reading with Willow Class

We enjoyed reading with our buddy reading partners in Willow Class.

Tuesday 9th June 2015


Weights and measures...

Today we were set challenges involving the relationship between weight and capacity and different sized solids.



"c=2b works because... b is 200ml and c is 400ml so two lots of b is 400ml." Harvey.


"c=c/2 +2b is wrong... it needs to be b not 2b. c/2=200ml so we need another 200ml which is b." Tabitha.


"I found making sure the measurements on the scale were accurate as the bowls kept coming off and it made it difficult to read." Ella


"c=a+b-b/2-d/3 works (new) because a+b=550ml - half of b gets you to 450ml then take a third of d gets you to 400ml." Alex


"c=a+d is wrong because a is 350ml and d is 150ml you will get 500ml altogether. So c isn't equal to this." Ellie

How old are the trees?

Wednesday 3rd June 2015


Today in maths we used our understanding of measures to find the oldest tree in the school grounds. 

"It was difficult to get an accurate height of the tree because they aren't straight!" Ella (year 6).

"Whilst working in a group, it was easy to get on and complete the task once we knew our jobs." Tabitha (year 6).

"It was fun!" Emily (year 6).

"It made learning more interesting." Mrs Stone (TA).

"It helped secure our measuring skills and know what resources to use." Jamie (year 6).


Our results...

Which party won?

Election Estimates

Friday 8th May 2015

Today an election inspired year six embarked on a measuring maths challenge. Each pupil joined an election party (Blue, Red, Yellow and Green). They elected a spokes person to be their leader and off they went...

The challenge was to throw quoits and beanbags as far as they could. They needed to estimate the distance then measure the actual distance accurately using a variety of resources. The closest estimate and furthest throw would win the race. They secured their estimating skills by repeating the challenge several times.


See our images below to find out our next political party leader...

This term we are learning about The Aztecs.

Friday 17th April 2015

Today we were applying our understanding of volume to capacity by using centimeters cubed.

Tuesday 14th April 2015

Today we investigated the number of shapes that could be made with a set perimeter. We found a pattern or relationship between the length of the perimeter and the number of shapes we could make.

Jamie stated, "The longer the perimeter the more shapes you can make." 

Lily stated, "There are many different ways to make a shape."

Ryan argued, "I understand perimeter more now, and it was fun!"

Year 6 Easter School, April 2015

Volume work linked to capacity.