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WC 16/11/20

We have had another busy week of learning in Beech Class.

This week in our Literacy learning we have been becoming authors and writing our very own version of the Beegu story. We have had so much fun coming up with our own alien characters, describing them and imagining the adventures they would go on. We have even created our very own story books with illustrations too. We have also enjoyed sharing our story ideas with each other to celebrate our fantastic writing. Ask us more about our brilliant stories because we are so proud of our hard work!


In our Maths learning this week we have been starting to think about multiplication and becoming multipliers! We have been learning our 10 times tables and have begun to explore creating arrays with lots of different objects in the classroom. Quiz us on our 10 times table facts if you see us around!


As it is Anti-Bullying week this week, we have been focusing on the topic of bullying in PSHE. We have been talking with our friends about what bullying is, the different kinds of bullying, how bullying makes people feel and who we could go to if we were worried about bullying. We have all created our very own ‘Help Hand’ showing the people we would talk to when we are worried.