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As a reminder, all homework is set on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday. During this time, children do not need to bring in their homework, instead parents/ carers should email across a photograph of their work- or just a small update of what they have been doing.

Our email address is


The work is usually set in three challenges: medium, spicy and hot. Please email us if you would like to know which challenge is best suited for your child. 



Maths homework: 

This week, we have been looking at shapes! 


Medium challenge: can you find different 2d shapes around your home? E.g square, oblong, circle, triangle 


Spicy challenge: Go on a quadrilateral hunt! Can you find different quadrilaterals around your home or outside? How could you sort these?


Hot Challenge: Have a go at the problems on the sheet below. You don't have to print it. Just work them out on a bit of paper and send us a photo. 

                   Literacy homework: 

When editing our Myths this week, lots of us realised how easy it is to make mistakes with our spellings or punctuation. This week's homework is to practise the skill of editing. 

Medium challenge: write sentences about your weekend- make sure you include capital letters and full stops. 


Spicy challenge: Using the sheet above, find the errors in the story and correct them. 


Hot Challenge: Correct the errors in the story above. Can you also improve it? Perhaps you could include adjectives and extend sentences with conjunctions.