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Year 5 & 6 22-23

Welcome to our class page. This page will be updated each Friday and will share the children's learning and achievements with those at home. 


Important information: 

  • If you need to contact Mrs Shields and are unable to catch her on the playground, please email her at 
  • If you need to contact Miss Gascoigne and are unable to catch her on the playground, please email her at
  • We aim to reply as soon as we can but will always reply within 72 hours. 
  • Fir and Oak PE days are on a Monday and Thursday. Please ensure children come to school in their PE kits on these days. 
  • Homework is set on a Friday which may include Literacy, Maths and Topic. They will bring their homework home in their homework books. It is due in the following Wednesday. 

Our Weekly News  

Week 3 - W.C 19/9/22


This week has been filled with lots of Historical fun, all linked to our Ancient Egypt topic! We have been learning all about the famous Pharaoh - Tutankhamun. We've spent the week researching key information about him, to create a fact file (please see images below!). As well as this, we have been looking at Egyptian dwellings, comparing and contrasting them to modern day homes. Did you know... Egyptians used to paint the outside of their houses white and also build them 4 feet off the ground? Ask your child if they remember why they did this! To end our History topic, we tasked the children with making a poster about everything they have learned over the last three weeks. Don't you think they look great? 

Week 2 - W.C 12/9/22


This week, we have been mourning and remembering our Queen. We wanted to celebrate her life and reign. In Literacy, we researched and made biographies about her; we wrote poems too! In Art, we were very busy cutting out images linked to her Majesty and created a collage on silhouette.   

Week 1 - W.C 5/9/22


Wow! What a fun-filled first week we have had in Fir and Oak class! 


In Maths, both year 5 and 6 have been focusing on their place value topics. Year 6 went outside for a practical activity, finding hidden numbers and representing them in different ways.


In Guided Reading, we have started reading our topic-themed book: Secrets of the Sun King. This book is set in 1922, when Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered by Egyptologist: Howard Carter. In lessons, we have been reading extracts from the book, about canopic jars, and had a go at drawing our own ones and labelling descriptions from the books. 


In Literacy lessons, we have been working hard to recap writing techniques to engage the reader, as well as learning some new techniques. We were given an extract, linked to our topic, to narrate and perform; this was a lot of fun!


In topic lessons, we have started learning about the Ancient Egyptians. The children have LOVED this topic so far. We have learnt all about the mummification process (some were sickened by this!), Pharaohs, canopic jars and the gods. There's still lot's more to come...  


Please see some images below: