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1st June

Warm up: Practise counting in different intervals, including 4 and 8 Can we go around the tables each saying the next number? Can we go backwards in the sequence? Play hit the button: 



Main:  What other words do we know that mean add? What methods do we know?  What method would you use to solve  47 + 456? Do you know more than one way? think about drawing your tens and ones, the column method, a number line or even place value coins.


You will need some dice for the next activity. You may have some in any board games you have at home. If not here is a link to a virtual one. If you have a smart home product such as an echo dot you could also ask that to roll a dice for you!


This game is normally played in pairs but you can play alone or with a family member.



Plenary: Challenge: Use the numbers 0-9 to complete this problem:

_  _ + __ __ + _ _  = _____

How close can you get to 100?