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This week, Year 2 have been looking at the features of story telling. They have retold the story of Elmer in the Snow and have begun to plan their own versions of the story, which they will write next week. Elm class children have been writing their own versions of Elmer and the Tiny Tiger. They have made story mountains to plan and structure their ideas.



Year 2 have been working on using their RUCSAC method to solve word problems. They have been reading questions carefully, underlining the key information and then choosing the correct method to help solve the problems.  In Elm class, they have been looking at solving missing number problems and have been creating part-part-whole and bar models. 



We have been continuing our RE this week and have been looking at stories from the Bible. We have thought about the meanings behind the parables of The Lost Sheep, The Wise and Foolish Builder and Daniel and his Three Friends.  We have retold the stories and created role plays for our friends to watch.