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Science Challenge 1 

LO: To observe over time. 

Starter: Revisit last week's lesson. Can you remember, why habitats may change? What effect can humans have on the habitats of animals? 

Look at these slides to hep you remember... 

Look at the following words. Can you explain what they mean to somebody in your family, without saying the word itself? 


Deforestation       Pollution         Urbanisation    Invasive species       



One of the key skills for Scientific Enquiry is to be able to observe over time. 
Visit the BBC website to introduce yourself to the topic of observing over time. Click on the picture below to load it: 

Today we are going to focus on one specific habitat which has been changing: The polar Ice caps. 

CLICK here to visit the Science Sparks website for more information on the polar ice caps. 


Today we are going to create an experiment where we must use our observing over time skills. You could design your own experiment- or use the one on the Science Sparks website above. 


LO:Apply my knowledge and understanding. 



Now is time to apply everything you have learnt during this unit.


Design your own zoo- using the Chester Zoo website for support.

You must think about the habits where each animal would live. You can find this out on the zoo website- or research it. How can you ensure the enclosures are like the habitats?

You must also group your animals together, having similar animals closer together (explain why too). Don’t forget to have a section just for invertebrates.