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W/C 16.11.20

3 weeks in and the children are hitting their groove! It's been a big week of learning, so let's take a look!


In maths, we began the mighty challenge of finding percentages of amounts, or as Miss Stone calls it, 'Proper Maths'. We threw a lot of new skills and techniques at them, and they have persevered magnificently, challenging themselves at every opportunity. This is a skill that we will come back to again and again as the year progresses, but the children have made a great start.


In our writing, we have been focusing on the techniques that the Promise uses to be such a well written story. The children have had lots of opportunities to practise them in their writing, and I'm excited to see what they are capable of producing next week when we do a longer piece of writing!


Here are some of their vocabulary graffiti walls linked to the Promise!