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This week’s main text:  PIRATES IN THE SUPERMARKET! – we will have lots of things to do relating to this story so make sure you have seen it.


Mrs Stevens also reads the story on

thank you to Scholastic books!


Also see the story on


Listen to the story with your child – key questions:  Who is the main character in this story?  Who are the other characters?  What happens at the beginning?  What was your favourite part of the story and why?


Yoga link for the week:  

Pirate kids yoga on (this is a long one so you might want to do it in sections!


Monday challenges - Daily video will introduce diary writing, our new text and a creative challenge

  • Write a diary about what you have been doing at home – use the keyword I to start the sentence and then use your sounds.  My recount is…. I watched a film.  I could hear lots of sounds – w, t, d in watched and f I l m in film. Don’t forget that you need to form your letters correctly and use the handwriting page on the website to help you.   A reminder of the session from Mrs Stevens – please see If you feel your child is becoming very confident with this writing then add a sentence with some detail – for example.  I watched a film.  The film was funny. Or  I went to the park.  It was fun.
  • Recap your coin work from last week using the bitesize clip about ordering coins on
  • Listen to the ‘Pirates in the supermarket ’story and discuss
  • Your first pirate challenge this week is to create your very own treasure chest.  Choose a container/box and decorate it as a treasure chest.  Discuss with your grown up what they and you would put in it!

Tuesday challenges – Daily video will introduce a maths focus challenge,  a d/t challenge and a thought of the week

Wednesday challenges – Daily video will introduce a phonic focus challenge, a creative/Geography challenge

  • Mrs Stevens will talk about our new sound on   please watch the following video which introduces the children to the sound z:
  • Once you have watched the videos a few times and practised the new sound with your child, please see how many words they can create with the new sounds.  Don’t forget you can use the sounds we have learnt already – I have thought of zip – can you think of more?  Can you find anything in your house that begins with our new sound?  Ask your grown up to make some letter cards of our new sound that you can then use in your phonics.
  • To help you with sentence/caption writing tomorrow - Watch the literacy video from Bitesize to explain more about using finger spaces – see if you can complete all the activities on 
  • Your pirate challenge today is to create a pirate map.  You need to decide where you will hide your treasure then add lots of areas to lead the pirates to the treasure!


Thursday challenges – Daily video will introduce a phonic focus challenge and an investigation challenge

  • Sentence/Caption writing – see Mrs Stevens introduce this activity on
  • Choose a page for your caption writing.  Watch the musical story to pause a page for your caption writing on
  • You will be using the sentence starter I can see – make sure you write these correctly and have a space between your words then choose some things you can see – if you want to add something else to your caption use the keyword and.  You may also add some more interesting words such as big, scary, funny etc.  Good luck!
  • Today’s pirate challenge is to create your own pirate ship – this might be for yourself or your toys. 
  • Investigate more about being a pirate on – a kids pirate adventure!

Friday challenges - Daily video will introduce a geography/art challenge and an oracy focus challenge.

  • As you have been working hard with  money understanding with Tristin and our friend – see what you can work out in our new maths game on:
  • Recap your sentence knowledge in our sentence work from BBC bitesize – watch the video and complete the activities
  • Create your very own pirate lunch – a treasure chest sandwich – what will you put in it to make sure the pirates are healthy and can find their treasure?  
  • Can  you retell the story with your grown up? – What happens at the beginning?  At the end?  In the middle?  What was your favourite part?
  • Talk to your grown up about your favourite thing that you have done this week – what did you challenge yourself with?  Did you find it hard?  What did you do to help?
  • Let Mrs Stevens know something that you have done this week – send her a photo for the website.