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w/c 10.07.17


This week Elm class were visited by Mr Lenton's dad! He came to show the class his campervan as some of our children are looking into different forms of transport that you could find at the seaside.


w/c: 3/10/17


This week we have been working hard on showing our learning for our enquiry. We have made caravans, cool boxes, picture frames and old fashioned trunks. The food group even designed their own ice lollies and made them for the whole class. We decided to write them letters to say thank you and to let them know what we thought.



Our summer production is now finished! 


A few months ago back in the spring term, we uploaded a video that the some of the children created independently. This film was entered into the film festival and got nominated! So a few children from Elm class joined the nominated children from Class to go to an awards ceremony in Cambridge. Sadly we didn't come home with a prize but it was a fun evening where we got to meet the voice of Pepper Pig!



 It has been a busy couple of weeks and we have been so excited to share our production with everyone and we hope that you enjoyed it. We are now working hard to find out all about the seaside and create our projects to show what we have been learning about.




This week we had a fantastic afternoon learning about plants and what they need to grow. We also designed our own flower pot and planted our own sunflower. We are really excited to use our diaries to record how tall our flowers become.

W/C 05/06/17 This week we have been working on telling the time to the nearest half an hour. 

On Thursday the 8th of June 2017 the UK held a general election. The children and some of their parents voted for their favourite biscuit. We then learnt a little bit about how elections work and why we need them. 



This week we have been exploring ways to support our kites and how to join pieces together.

We also carried out or sponsored star jump for the NSPCC campaign. 




This week we were very lucky to experience some traditional Scottish music. Miss Sheepwash brought her Bearskin Hat and Bagpipes into the classroom and played us a tune. This is to help us with our understanding of the United Kingdom.


This week we have been continuing to immerse the children in their topic of 'At the seaside'. We began by having a pirate day, which you can read more about in the weekly news page. We then had the wonderful opportunity of going to the Sealife centre in Hunstanton. Thank you so much for keeping it a secret, the children were very excited when we discussed how we could learn more about animals that live near and underwater. They created signs, lists and letters all about it. The children were praised for their wonderful behaviour and they all enjoyed it very much! We also have a visit from one of our parents to talk about their profession and a skype chat planned for the end of the week. The children are going to start creating their own pages in our floorbook so please feel free to take a peek when you come into class on a Wednesday morning.  We hope you enjoy the pictures from our trip! 

We would like to thank Mrs Robinson for giving up some of her time to come and talk to us about her job at Walls. The children loved hearing all about it and have decided that they would like to design their own ice-creams. So watch this space!
We also had the opportunity to ask a specialist some questions over skype this afternoon. The children were amazed at some of the facts that they had heard.

A question to our skype expert

Still image for this video
How can starfish stick?


This week we started our new enquiry about the seaside. We started by sitting down in our groups and talked about what we knew to create our thinking tree. Before the break, we sat down and spoke about what we would like to know. The class asked many questions one of them being, How are kites made? So this term we are going to make our own. We started by learning about what kites have been used for. we went outside to try and fly a kite but it was not windy enough so we are going to observe the weather to find the best conditions. After that, we went into the classroom and designed our very own kites. Take a look at our floor book pictures so far and remember to feel free to look through it during the open mornings. 


It's our last week in our work on buildings and have created a display in the main corridor with all of our work and our floor book. To end the topic nicely we decided to make our very own building in our block area for a movie project we are working on. We have filmed the building of our take on the Burj Khalifa and we will continue to work on it next term. Look below to see the impressive work!

Still image for this video


In science this week the children had a problem to solve.


Mr Lenton brought his umbrella into school only to discover that it had many holes in it. so the children used their knowledge of materials to try and fix it. 


Which material do you think worked best?

W/C: 6/3/2017


Today we had to observe how different ingredients changed during its baking process.


We started with salt,strong white flour,margarine, warm water and yeast.

The salt was white and had tiny grains.

The flour was white and looked soft.

The margarine was yellow. 


We mixed the ingredients together and spoke about separating them and decided it couldn't be done.


We baked our bread rolls exactly how the recipe told us to. We then wondered what would happen if were were to remove or change some of the ingredients. We decided to make two more batches of rolls. in the first batch we removed the yeast. These rolls did not rise as much and the middle was much denser. Then we swapped the strong white flour for plain flour but we couldn't really see a difference.


This week is science week and our theme is changes. We started our science week by exploring our new classroom challenges that are all linked to science. This week we have 7 to complete. We then had a forest school session where we looked at the changes of the environment. We collected items that have changed since our first forest school trip and created a crown. When we came back to the classroom we made lists of adjectives to describe what we found.

In the afternoon we were very lucky and have a presentation by Mr Tarsitano all about changes that occur during chemical reactions. It was EXPLOSIVE.

Here is what some of the children spoke about:

"The colours changed"

"We saw fire inside a big bottle"

"He popped a balloon by putting fire under it"

"This is the best thing ever"

"It was really fun"


W/C: 6/02/17


This week we set the houses that we made on fire! The class were very excited to watch the houses Mr Lenton had made go up in flames.



This week we have continued looking at time. On Monday we used stop watches to time our friends doing 10 star jumps. The class were so excited some of them decided to carry out their own investigations and thought of ways to record their work.


On Wednesday we had a very special delivery to support our buildings topic. The whole class is really excited about our new classroom area!



This week we used the cardboard boxes that we brought in to create buildings just like the ones you would have found during the great fire of London. We spent the rest of the week writing instructions about how to make one. In maths we looked at time and we are getting pretty good at being able to understand where the minute hands have to be for an o'clock time and a half past time. In geography we learnt what a map is for and why they are used. we even created our own treasure map using symbols. In PHSE we spoke about road safety and made posters about the different vehicles that we have to look out for when crossing roads.



This week we have continued our learning  with instructions and used imperative verbs when building a den. On Friday our maths challenge was to fix a broken 100 square using our knowledge of one more / one less.



This week we started our work on instructional texts. We followed instructions to build a sandcastle and we built a den and wrote a list of the imperative verbs that we used. In the afternoons we have pretended to be a bird to understand what aerial photographs are in geography. Mr Lenton even let us lay on the tables so we could look at the bee-bots from an aerial point of view. We have also begun to learn about the buildings that were in London during the Great Fire in 1666.

W/C: 2/1/17

Happy new year!

We have busy this week writing recounts. It sounds like everyone has had lots of fun!

In the afternoons we have been sharing what e know about our new topic. We also shared the wonderful homework that has be brought in. We have also been writing questions about buildings and The Great Fire of London. We are really excited about our new topic and can't wait to begin!



This week has been very exciting! We looked at music from the past and learnt how to sing 'Yellow Submarine' By the Beatles. We have also been working hard on our Nativity rehearsals.


On the 1st of December we were visited by Twinkle the elf. He gave a new story book and lots of diaries to record his sillyness. On the first day he was sat in our pencil pot and on Friday we found him swinging on one your our ceiling decorations!


We have two busy weeks ahead of us but we have so many things to look forward too, Nativity, our class trip and even  a panto!

W/C: 14/11/16

This week we delved into the past and explored some music that was performed in the past. Specifically music of the 1940's and the 60's. Mr Lenton shared his experiences of going to a 1940's and 1920's Dance over the summer. We then listened to some of the music performed by the Beetles and even had a go at singing one of their songs.

Children In Need 2016


What a wonderful day!


We arrived to school finding that our classroom had been covered in tin foil or iron wall paper as one of our class mates described. we spent the morning solving different challenges and finding out who exactly did this to our classroom. We teamed up with year five to solve all the clues of the trail that was left and we found out that it was Pudsey himself! 


 This week we had our second forest school session. See below to have a look at all the wonderful things that we got up to.




In literacy we have been learning all about big machines (especially fires engines). We have been learning all about the features of non-fiction writing.

In maths we investigated numbers to find out if they were odd or if they were even.

In science we went to the front garden and explored the area to see what living things were there. We found lots of different mini-beasts and we described their habitat.

On Wednesday after lunch we came into the classroom and we found a letter! The letter said

Dear Elm Class


You don’t know me but I’m a little mouse who lives in the corridor outside your classroom. Every afternoon you all disappear out the door and then the school is really quiet. I don’t like that! I love it when you are here, doing all sorts of fun things and learning lots. I try to listen and learn too and I like seeing you play outside at playtimes. I’m really shy so I don’t let you see me but I so wish I could join in with you and do what you do!


I have a question for you. Where do you go when you leave the school? I see lots of adults collect you and off you go! Then you come back the next day. What have you been doing? Please let me know.


Thank you.


Little Mouse


So we decided to draw a picture of what we do after school and write a sentence about it. Mr Lenton then left our books out for the little mouse on Thursday evening.

We had a reply from the little mouse saying how wonderful our work was! The little mouse asked us to think about what our parents used to do for fun when they were younger. So we decided to write about it in the hopes that little mouse will see it over the weekend!


There is no homework this week due to parents evening. Forest School is on Tuesday so please ensure suitable clothing is brought into school.


This week we had the pleasure of Miss Smith teach us for the day! We all felt like year 6's for the day. This week has also had a focus of solving mathematical problems using the outdoor area. We have had to use our measuring skills, shape and number knowledge to solve some problems. We cant wait to share more with you on Monday at the market place.


This week we have been learning all about the wonderful story 'Knuffle Bunny'. The children shared stories of their favourite toys and read them stories in the reading area. In science we took away the sense of sight and explored the school field. We discussed how we felt when we couldn't see and found strategies to help us move around. In maths we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills.

We also had our very first forest school session where we learned how to travel to our site safely. We created our own rules to help us keep safe whilst we were in our area. We then applied the rules we created to a game of hide and seek.

Next week we have an outdoor learning week and we are very excited!

W/C: 26/09/16


This week we have been creating some lovely list poetry all about what we love and what we hate. As soon as the children have written up their poems they are beginning to explore using laptops to type them up for a lovely class book. This is Elm class' first time typing on the laptops and they are impressing their teacher so far.


On Monday we continued to look at our senses and using last weeks key word of DATA we wondered if we could IDENTIFY and CLASSIFY  the fruit and vegetables you all so kindly brought into class. We learned that we could collect data from using our senses to explore the fruit and vegetables. we could classify it through what we could feel and what we could see. some of us were able to sort the pieces by remembering what they tasted like!


In our topic work we have moved on from learning about mammals with a lovely visit from the petting dog that visits the school. We were able to ask about what it was like having a dog for a pet as well as asking questions about what a pet needs to be happy. We have now moved on to learning about birds and we have designed our very own exotic bird to go into our jungle display.




Another busy week has been had in Elm Class!


We have all settled in well and getting to grips with all of our new routines. We started the week by investigating the question 'How does my hood affect the way I hear the whistle?'. Our lesson took us outside onto the field to explore and think of ways we could get an answer for the question.

Continuing with our topic work we created some aboriginal art.  We are now coming to an end about mammals and we are moving onto a new type of animal next week.  In P.E this week we explored movement using an African story. 

Here are some of the things the children have said about being in year one so far:


' I have liked working with Miss Lacey and Mr Lenton and learning all about how to make 10p using coins'


'I have really enjoyed science'




WOW! What a busy week we have had.


We started the week with a science lesson where we had to explore the question 'Do people with bigger feet need bigger gloves?'. We acted like scientists and collected data to help us answer the question. Can you guess who had the biggest hands and feet of Elm class? It was Mr Lenton!


Later on in the week the first group of children got to use the junk modelling resources that you all so kindly brought in for us to use. The classroom got super messy (some of us did too!) but some fantastic exhibitions were made.


At the end of the week we explored two mammals that come from the continent of Australia. We looked at the kangaroo and the Koala and even became them for the after noon. We learnt that these are a special type of mammal called marsupials. Have a look at the pictures to se how wonderful we looked. Some of us were even able to show where Australia was using google earth!





This week we have been looking at writing labels using the story 'Not a Stick'. We labelled how the pig used his stick as well as using our own imaginations to think of our own use of the stick. 


In maths we have been looking at partitioning teen numbers. 

We have also been looking at typing using a computer, how babies change as they grow, locating Africa using google earth and exploring how we can look after the people that we care about.

On Friday afternoon we had our first Art lesson. We started by looking at the artist Eric Carle. We discovered that he actually wrote some of our favourite stories such as The very hungry caterpillar. We took inspiration from his work to create our own master pieces. I think Elm class really enjoyed making our classroom messy for the afternoon!

Welcome back!!


We have been back to school for two days now and we have all settled back into school life very well.  We have been super busy writing recounts in literacy and using the book 'One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab' to solve problems in maths.


In the afternoons we have started our topic 'The Carnival Of Animals'. we have listened very closely to some of the pieces composed by Saint-Saens and discussed pitch and tempo. We made some predictions on the tempo that would be used for some of the animals of the carnival.


We took a closer look at the animals too! we have been introduced to the 5 different types of animal and sorted ourselves into the correct heading.


Next week we are learning all about labels in literacy and place value in maths.