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Dear Willow Class,


Hi Willow class! We are missing you so much and it is lovely to see the wonderful work that you continue to send in! Remember to try your best and if you are finding things challenging send us an e-mail and we will try our best to help you!


Please continue to send in your work and challenge yourselves!



It is half term next week so make sure you have a break and enjoy your self. maybe you could use this week to do some of the activities from our forest school page and baking page. You could also maybe e-mail Mrs Johnson your thoughts about the book she has been reading for you all.


We look forward to hearing from you!


This week we are going to look at the 4 and 8 times tables. We will also be looking at multiplication.


Unfortunately The White Rose Hub worksheets are no longer available. 

You can use their videos for the week of 11th May to support you and you can find those here:





Activity 1 Multiplying and dividing by 8


Look at the slideshow at the following web page :


Can you answer the questions it gives you? 

Use the following video to help you learn your 8 times table



8 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

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Activity 2: Using an example below, can you make your own board game to help you earn your 8 times table?

Activity 3

Use the images below and answer the questions. Remember you do not need to print these off, make your own jottings to show your understanding.



Which parrots are sittng on multiples of 8









Listen to chapters 7 and 8 of George's Marvellous Medicine below.

Georges Marvellous Medicine (7 & 8)

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Please find your literacy tasks below! Don't forget to use accelerated reader!


In the last few weeks, we have thought a lot about chocolate- But where did chocolate come from? When was the first chocolate bar made? Which country did chocolate come from? This week I would like you to find out about the history of chocolate. 

- First create a brainstorm of everything you would like to know. (Write down all the questions you would like to answer)

- Read the timeline of information in the PowerPoint below. 

- Use a search engine to find facts our about the history of chocolate. 

- Present your findings in a way that you would like, you could create a poster, a video, a leaflet- it's up to you. 

- Treat yourself by asking your adults if you can make a Mayan hot chocolate. 

Chocolate: A short but sweet history | Episode 3 | BBC Ideas

Chocolate, food of the gods! Its history goes back thousands of years so here's a quick look at how we came to eat chocolate in the first place - where it's ...



This week's Oracy challenge is as follows.


Each day write a short diary entry. At the end of the week use your diary to create a short film telling us all about your week and what you have been up to!


Can you manage to squeeze in any of our Mrs Wordsmith words?


Outdoor Learning Challenge 


Find, observe and accurately draw a tree close to your house!


You may need to help the observational drawing skills of your pupils. To draw a tree accurately they will need to look at form, size, colour and texture.