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4th June



A right angle is the same as a quarter turn.

watch the video below for some useful tips! Do not worry about carrying out the tasks this teacher is setting but the information is very helpful!


  1. A right angle is the same as a quarter turn.
  2. 2 right turns make a half turn.
  3. 3 right angles make three-quarters of a turn
  4. 4 right angles make a complete/whole turn.
  5. Our lines do not have to go up and down (vertical) or side to side (horizontal) to be a right angle. This is what we are going to explore today!

Right Angles Maths Week 5


Look at the problem above, can you solve it?


As I mentioned earlier our lines do not have to be vertical or horizontal to be a right angle. Can you make and right angles using a clock where there are no hands pointing to the 12,3,6 or 9? 


You may not want to use your families clock for this task so you could draw a clock face and use different items to make the hands!



For this week's task I would like you to create a right angle checker following the instructions below. You do not need to print this image out but you can find a circle around your home to draw around and follow the instructions that way!



You will be left with a shape like this:


Use this angle checker to find items that have a right angle. To do this you need to alight the straight edges of your checker to an item. If the lines match with your item you have a right angle!


Make a list of things that are right angles in your home! Can you find any in your garden?