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R.E challenges

Our topic is.... Judaism!

What do you know about Judaism already? 

Life as a Jewish child | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Judaism

Challenge 1: 


Use the powerpoint to find our where it is believed Judasim started. Can you locate Israel on a map?


Watch the following video telling the story of Abraham and Sarah. Can you recreate it using drama? Perhaps you could even create finger puppets.


God's Story: Abraham and Sarah

Challenge 2: 

Jewish people live their life by the ten commandments. 


What would the ten rules be that you would make to help people live a happy, perfect life?


Challenge 3:  A special place

Where is a special place for you? Why do you go there? What special places to do you know in religion? 


I Judaism, a very special holy place is called Jerusalem Explore this further using the Powerpoint below. 


Synagogue:  Jews worship in a special building called a synagogue.  Look at the video and write down some key words on whiteboards. Which objects did they find in the synagogue?


Use the sheet to label artefacts in a Synagogue. You could build your own one too.