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In our learning walk this week we had been challenged to investigate how the Flying Doctors could help other characters.  We had lots of discussions and came up with some fantastic ideas - look at the learning walk and photographs below!

In other learning this week we have been focusing on diagraph and trigraph work in our literacy - writing words and short captions using these sounds.  In maths we have focused on numbers to 10 and sorted out dominoes into those that total 10 or those that don't.  We have also played many games that helped us with our ordering of numbers to 10. We have investigated a non fiction book about Mary Anning and found out information about fossils.  We have also created a wonderful celebration card for someone special this weekend! Please see the home link document above for links to support learning at home and if you require further information, please email

Our maths challenge this week was to use dominoes, we had to count all of the spots together and then if they total 9 they had to go into one set, if they did not total 9 then they had to go into another set.  We were AMAZING at counting carefully and adding both ladybird spots together.  We only found two dominoes that total 9 - so we decided to make the task a bit harder.... we had a set to put dominoes in that were more than 9, one that total 9 and one that was less than 9!

Exploring like Mary Anning.....

After Reading 'Dragon Bones' - the story of Mary Anning, we wrote captions about what she found out about.  We enjoyed finding out about exploring so decided to use our forest school session to explore!  We found lots of interesting things:

Jelly funghi

A raptors toe

a dinosaurs foot

a baby dinosaur foot

a big dinosaur leg bone

a dinosaur tooth

a tiny snail

moss on a stick

a snail shell that we think a badger ate

a rock with a fox paw

a print on a tree that we thought was a bunny!

a hole that could be for a badger or bats!


We have shared these findings in the photographs below.......We loved being explorers and are going to continue this in our other learning and at home!



The children looked fantastic and told us all about the stories that they had dressed up from.  We enjoyed continuing our character focus and decided that Zog could help all the new characters!  We have enjoyed an assembly and lots of activities in the classroom - including the judging of the classroom doors!  Zog even sent the children book marks to take home so they could enjoy their books at home.  Well done everyone