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TUESDAY 23rd JULY 2019: LEAVERS ASSEMBLY. We had a wonderful time this morning reminiscing with the children in Year 6. It was a pleasure to see them celebrate their time at Manea.

MONDAY 22nd JULY 2019: 100% attendance activity. All the children who attended school every day and on time this Summer term, spent time with Mr Lenton being creative.

MONDAY 22nd JULY 2019: PRESCHOOL GRADUATION. The children said goodbye to preschool today in their graduation celebration. Each child received a certificate and a teddy and were dressed in gowns and mortar boards. The children sang songs and shared their pictures of their favourite activity to do in preschool

16th JULY 2019: Manea Gala Float. On Saturday the Year 6 leavers took part in the Manea procession. How amazing they look.

Tuesday 9th July saw Years R, 1 and 2 on their trip around the village. They all had a wonderful time exploring their surroundings. Years R and 1 saw Percy the park keeper, who had caught a fish. Year 2 found an old coin, which they were very excited about. They all said how they really enjoyed their team work activities, especially with the parachute. All classes enjoyed some time in the park on the zip wire, the trampoline where they found some frogs and playing on all the other equipment.


On Wednesday 10th July Year 6 had a fantastic time at Play2Day for their last trip in primary school. The trip was full of energy, playing tag and man hunt at the soft play centre. 


Year 5 also had a lovely trip around Manea on Thursday 11th July. They took maps and compasses and applied their geography skills and knowledge to find the physical and human features of the local area. They finished off by enjoying a picnic at the pit. 

Oh dear - what's going on?
Looking at what we see in Manea
Is that Percy fishing?
I think it must be.
Year 6 at Play2Day
A great time had by all.
Year 5 on their tour of Manea

FRIDAY 5th and MONDAY 8th JULY 2019: Our Production - A celebration of Julia Donaldson. All the children in the school took part in the production in their classes. The singing at the start and the end of the production was as always wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came to see their children. Well done everyone.

Our narrators
Year 1
Year 5
Year R
Year 6
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Our finale

FRIDAY 28th JUNE 2019: Look what arrived today. All children from school and preschool will have a session on the Life Education Centre. Do ask your children all about it.

FRIDAY 28th JUNE 2019: Taking part in the community scarecrow competition. Have you seen them anywhere?

THURSDAY 20th JUNE 2019: KS2 Sports Morning. What a fantastic morning we had with children and their families. The morning was packed full with 12 activity stations that all children took part in followed by team games and individual races. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us and to Mr Tull for his superb organising of the event.

Shooting activities
Throwing activities
Dribbling activities
Team activities
Javelin throwing
Jumping activities
Aiming and throwing
Shooting into nets
The shade station!
Tunnel Ball: Team Canada
Team event: Team Russia
Team Italy
Team Kenya
Sprint races
Long distance run
Speed Stacking Race
Relay race

FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019: Year R and 1 were scientists this morning learning all about liquids. There was language such as density and viscous being used to describe what was happening with some of the liquids.

Friday 7th June 2019


This week the children from KS1 enjoyed a coaching session from Simon Millward and Scott MacNeil. Scott and Simon are coaches of a local football team.


The children had an amazing time!



TUESDAY 21st MAY 2019: Early Years and KS1 Sports afternoon. What a great afternoon and such team spirit. Thank you to everyone who came and cheered the children on.

The Year 6 Sports Leaders ran the event
Ready, Steady, Go
Each team was made up of Year R, 1 and 2 children
There was hockey dribble
Bean bag throwing
Egg and spoon
Football dribble
The Year 6 children supported each team
Balance race
Water race

Friday 10th May 2019: The transformation ready for the children to use.

FRIDAY 3rd MAY 2019: Look what arrived next to the Year Two Classroom. I wonder what it is going to be used for and what it will look like in a few week's time. Come back to find out later this term.

FRIDAY 26th APRIL 2019: Our first week back. Look at what we are doing.

The start of our collection of Eco Bricks
What would your opinion be on this?
Outdoor learning on child created courses
Using technology
Problem solving
Starting work in a writing area
Being creative
Engrossed in a book

WEDNESDAY 3rd APRIL 2019: Pine, Elm, Cherry and Beech classes shared an inspiration day on Tuesday all about the Gruffalo.

Making Gruffalo crumble
All the fruit to mix up
Measuring the ingredients
An don't forget the crumble
Some were made outside on the fire
Thinking about the characters
A Gruffalo trail
We were snakes
We were Gruffalo's
We were mice
Slithering through undetected
Crouching like the mouse
It's Gruffalo crumble time!

FRIDAY 29th MARCH 2019: Our letter from Ofsted was sent out this week. We are delighted that the inspector agreed with our school self-evaluation and recognised the journey we are on to be the best that we can be. It is clear from this letter that the children are happy at school, identified in the statement ‘the ease with which pupils mix with each other and with staff is representative of the respectful, harmonious ethos of which leaders are justifiably proud.’ This week was also a busy one as we exhibited our children in Year 3's art work at two exhibitions at Doddington and in March. Please see our community page for more photos of this.

Manea's Year 3 art work
Families visiting the exhibition

THURSDAY 21st MARCH 2019: Today Fir class welcomed their parents and carers to share their books and show off their learning. The day started with a class assembly where the children recited 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies. The parents and carers had a short training session on some of ways they can support their children at home with the new language work the children are doing in class.

THURSDAY 14th MARCH 2019: Willow Class assembly and celebration of work with parents and carers.

THURSDAY 7th MARCH 2019: WORLD BOOK DAY. Can you tell which characters we all are and from what book?

Chiiiildrrrren ......... Lollipops anyone?
What big teeth you have Grandmother.
Can you guess?
Is there a door mouse in my teapot?
May the force be with you.
Is there a shrinking potion I could have?
Before ..................
Ta Da! After.
Prodigity - His own story character.
Is that a HAT on top of a CAT?
Is there room for one more?
Ooh ... what big eyes you have
And I thought you wanted Dalmatians.
Try not to get put in the chokey!
Your majesty is that a giant outside?

Friday 1st March 2019: Class reading sessions. Everyday each class hears a story read to them by their teachers. Here are the titles of the stories and some quotes from the children.

Year 2: Matilda
We love the magic eyes and the funny characters
Year 3:The Edge Chronicles - a mystery book
It's cool how the author writes it.
Year 6: Phoenix - show me don't tell me!
A story with a lot of twists.
Year 5: Who Let The Gods Out?
It keeps you guessing what will happen next.
Year R: The Gruffalo
We love it because we act out the mouse.
Year 1: The Gruffalo
We know the mouse found the nut (shhh)!
Year 4: Why The Whale Came.
It gives us the shivers - Brrrrr!

FRIDAY 15th FEBRUARY 2019: Maths week took place in school with a celebration market place in the hall. This week also saw the 100% attendance filming day. Please see the community page for more pictures.

FRIDAY 15th FEBRUARY 2019: Year 6 Class Assembly - a spooky one based on the book 'Short and Spooky' by Louise Cooper.

Thursday 7th February 


Year one had brilliantly performed their assembly this week. They told the story of 'How to Catch a Star' Oliver Jeffers.


They have been working over the past couple of weeks to perform this story and have been writing all about it in their literacy lessons. 


The children enjoyed sharing their story and all of their hard work with their visitors.

THURSDAY 31st JANUARY 2019: YEAR R ASSEMBLY - PENGUIN by POLLY DUNBAR. The children in year R retold the story using very expressive actions and voices. Have a look at our photos of some of the actions and when the children shared their learning with their families.

Monday 28th January 2019: Assembly

Miss Froggatt, led a whole school celebration assembly on Monday 28th January to share a cheque presented by Mr Buttriss of Metalcraft Ltd in Chatteris who donated £250 to the school towards books for the library.

As part of their work on developing vocabulary, we have been raising money for our library to increase the variety of books to encourage reluctant readers to develop a keen interest in reading. 

 ‘The Metalcraft Community Fund was set up to support projects such as this therefore we are delighted to have been able to provide some funding. Given that more than 50% of our employees are from our local area it’s vital we invest in our potential employees of the future.’

A governor of the school has contacted many local businesses to ask for their support for this project and would also like to thank

City 1st Truck tyre

Fengrain Ltd Marketing


FJS Services

Red Skips




The governing body would also like to inform any other company that would like to donate to the school for this valuable cause to please contact the school office on 01354 680293.

Friday 25th January 2019: The launch of 'Mrs Wordsmith'. This is an approach to teaching children about words and developing their use of vocabulary. The children are introduced to three new words and their meaning each week. This week some of the words have been: bloodshot, moist, flawless and lashing.

The dictionary
The characters throughout descriptions
The rest of the characters
How the words are presented
Finding the synonyms and the word pairs
The illustrations
The dictionary
Children exploring the words

Thursday 24th January 2019: Beech class assembly - the children's own story about Mr Ginling based on the book The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. Miss Pritchard then shared with parents and carers the language work the school is focussing on and how they can support their children at home with this. Parents and carers then visited their children in class to see their work.

Friday 18th January 2019: ASH CLASS ASSEMBLY. Ash class performed, through storytelling, the story 'Until I Met Dudley'. They learned by heart all the words and put actions to the story. Look at the pictures of their performance.

Look at this fantastic piece of homework

Friday 11th January 2019: GREAT NEWS: The school has achieved the Rainbow Flag Award which recognises how inclusive the school is and how well we celebrate differences. See some of the books our children have used to celebrate difference and challenge stereotypes.

Books that celebrate the diversity in families
How families can be different to each others
Books that challenge stereotypes
Celebrating differences display

Friday 4th January: Happy New Year Everyone! Here are some photos of us learning in 2019.

Wednesday 19th December 2018: CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY. Thank to all the children who brought a donation for 'Save The Children' and wear their Christmas Jumper. Look at some of the festive clothes in our photos.

Thursday 13th December 2018

What a festive day we have had! 

On Thursday 13th December we had a trip to the church to watch the fabulous Year 1s retell the story of the Nativity. They were accompanied by Years 4, 5 and 6 with their brilliant singing! 

At lunchtime the children continued celebrating Christmas in the dinner hall, by having a Christmas lunch. They looked amazing in their christmas hats which they had made earlier in the week. We had reindeers, stars, christmas trees and snowman designs, to name but a few.

We then finished the day with a sing along version of the Nativity songs by Years R, 2 and 3. The children also sang a few traditional carols. The children looked wonderful singing amongst the christmas lights and decorations.

It was a really lovely day which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We cannot wait until we do it all again next year!

Monday 10th December 2018: School Christmas Discos

Friday 7th December 2018: Our Forest School sessions have begun and the children at our school are experiencing a range of activities where they are applying a range of skills.


Recently Mrs Goude has been training as a Forest School Leader and has been leading one of the groups in Cherry Class. Have a look below at some of the activities the children get up to!

The children discussing safety.
Manea School Forest Signs
Rolling Logs
Learning about habitats

Wednesday 5th December 2018: What we think of our new school dinners. Our dinner caterers changed to 'Lunchtime Company' after half term. See what the children think of their new dinners.

I love my burger.
It's tasty. It's amazing.
It's yummy.
The food is tastier.
Collecting our food
The pudding counter.
I have school dinners now, they are well tasty.
The dinners are delicious.
They are 100% better than they used to be.
I think the puddings are way better!
I've discovered I like loads more foods.
Our kitchen staff.

Friday 23rd November



A week of sporting challenges for our teams.  On Wednesday Mr Tull took a team to a football tournament.  We were very proud of our work - narrowly missing first place.


On Friday a Tag Ruby event took place - organised by the Witchford partnership.  As we went to press they were just leaving with a wonderful team of volunteer parents supporting them - thank you for all your hard work!  


Mr Tull is also developing something new to share our sports work........ Watch this space!

Friday 16th November 2018


WOW! What a great day!


Today was Children in need and all the children came to school in their own clothes. Some children even dressed up!


The morning started with an assembly all about Children in Need. Shortly after the children all went on a ramble around the village. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 went rambling around the woods whilst KS2 went rambling around the Manea Pit.


During the week we had also been looking at challenging sterotypes and looking at differences between families. All the work the children created was put up on display for a market place held at the end of the day.


We had many of our families come to view the lovely work and to buy cakes from the cake sale. The work was admired by many of you and we were lucky enough to sell out of all the cakes!