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W/C 5th October

Forest school in Fir Class


As part of our Ancient Egyptian topic this term, we have focussed on dwellings. We have looked at the houses the Ancient Egyptians built and the pyramids. We have particularly looked at The Great Pyramid of Giza.


Here are some facts we have learnt:

  • The pyramids were very very large - The largest is 146 metres tall!
  • They were built near the River Nile
  • Stones were transported from another place in Egypt along the River Nile by boat
  • Egyptologists believe up to 1,500 people were involved in building the pyramids and each one took a number of years to build
  • The largest pyramid built was for Pharaoh Khufu – The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Pyramids were actually covered in white limestone, which sparkled in the hot, Egyptian sun


This week and over the next few weeks we are trying to build a pyramid like the Ancient Egyptians did, using Jenga bricks as part of our Forest Schools challenge. We have also been using wooden rods to build pyramids and practise our knot tying skills.