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Celebrating our first half term at school - we are all amazing! We performed 5 little leaves for our harvest celebration - look out for the video soon!

This week we are talking about our learning.  We are discussing what we are doing and why!


In our literacy focus work we are investigating a collection of farmyard tales, then creating our own stories in our farm yard area.  We are also creating our diaries that we will use after half term.


In our maths we are learning two 'counting back' rhymes - one about 10 brown owls and one about 5 little leaves.  We will be saying the 5 little leaves poem for our harvest celebration work.


We have worked very hard in our first half term at school and we have learnt a lot about the routine and expectations.  Mrs Stevens is very proud of all of us and is looking forward to carrying on our learning after half term.

See the link below which has a Farmyard Tale on it called 'Barn on Fire' - discuss the characters in the story, discuss the action - what happens at the beginning - what do you think will happen in the end?
Please see below our home learning link information for this week.  If you have any questions, please email

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