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This week we have rounded off our poetry and performing sessions. For homework, I would like you to pick either the poem attached or a poem of your choice. You can choose what you do as a follow up activity, but I would like you to deliver some of your ideas to the whole class. You could record yourself performing the poem; make a picture of what the poem reminds you of; you can write a paragraph of feedback about the poem. The possibilities are endless!


This week in Maths we have been working on converting metric measures. Please complete one of the differentiated worksheet attached to consolidate your learning!


Group One

manipulation, scissors, variation, landscape, independent, metaphor, propaganda, perspective, frequency, preference, synonym, vocabulary, reconciliation, stereotype, generosity

Group Two

potatoes, separate, reign, therefore, naughty, possession, height, occasionally, eighth, calendar, disappear, various, peculiar, opposite, thorough

Group Three

pretty, wild, arrive, eight, though, often, learn, earth, circle, remember