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6th July 2020


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This Week's Work



As per your home learning pack:


I would like you to create a scale replica of at least one room in your house, or maybe your garden.

You need to use recycled resources around your house, such as empty bottles, cardboard etc, as well as anything else you wish to use- this could include natural resources from your garden too.

Here are the recommended stages:

  • Measure the place of your choice and all the things in it. For example, if this is your bedroom, you will need to measure the size of your floor, bed, desk, cupboard etc- whatever you have in it. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you need to think about what else you can do? Number of ‘hands’ wide? Body lengths?
  • You then need to decide how much you are going to reduce the room down by so that it stays to scale. For example, if your room is 4 metres (400cm) wide, you could choose to reduce it by a scale factor of 20…. Which would make it now 20cm wide. You would then need to reduce everything else by 20 times its size.
  • Make the model! Be imaginative and try and make it as exact as possible.
  • Send it in to me!
  • Have a go at a different room the second time. I think the garden would be an interesting place to try and replicate!
  • Remember, the mathematical objective here is scale factor and ratio, so try to be as exact as possible.


You can also do a quickfire times table test a day too.



Week 1

First up we have our second week of the Murder in Manea! Head over to to see examples of the different text types.

We have written our newspaper report, so here are some other ideas of things you could write:

  • A diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters, or maybe a policeman!
  • A written report of the investigation by the main detective, a recount of the events from the perspective of different characters
  • A narrative storyline of what happened.
  • A speech by someone who is explaining what happened.
  • A letter
  • A character description  of each suspect
  • A setting description of the school and each room

There are a variety of different ideas for you; obviously I’m not expecting you to do them all! Pick a few you like the idea of, or come up with your own!

Here are your weekly reading challenges, as well as your Mrs Wordsmith work. Make sure you keep reading at home!

And the rest...


Complete some of the transition activities from your pack, and also the Cromwell activities you have been emailed by them/ are on the website.




M   E   U   S   R   M




What has an eye but can not see?