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This week we are looking at changes.




Challenge 1

L/O: To identify changes that they and other children may experience in their lives.


Look at the sentence stem below, can you complete them? You can do this more than once if you like!


I feel happy when ..., I feel sad when …


Create a time line of your life and label times where things have changed. This could include moving house, new siblings/cousins, new holidays, people getting married, moving school.


Next to each of these changes make a note about how it made you feel. Was it positive or negative?


Now using your creative skills represent this experience in a picture, a video or even a piece of music!



Challenge 2!

L/O: To name emotions that may be involved in loss and change situations and to describe what helps and hinders when they are experiencing difficult feelings.



Sometimes our more negative emotions can stay with us for a long amount of time. What would you do if your friend was feeling upset? How would you like to be comforted during times where you don't feel as positive?


Make a poster or guide about how you would help a friend.



Imagine a situation where a very good friend of yours  moves away to another part of the country. In a comic strip format, do four drawings of yourselves, with thought bubbles to describe what you are thinking and feeling – one picture represents when you know it is going to happen, but the friend hasn’t yet left, the next is just after the friend has left, the third is three or four weeks after the friend has left, and the fourth is a year later. The pictures can include the friend who is leaving, and other close friends or family, but the focus is on you and what you think, feel and say.