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Group One

extinguishing, echoed, illuminated, protein, knuckle, smudged, nastiest, pieces, disappeared, carriages, families, approximately, gingerly, physically, extremely


Group Two

gnarled, gnaw, gnash, gnome, gnat, sign, design, resign, reign, foreign, knave, knee, knife, know, knuckle


Group Three

break, steak, great, meat, seat, read, dead, bread, spread, feather


Please select and complete one of the differentiated worksheets attached below.


This week we have started our work on suspense writing with the story Alma. For your homework I would like you to think of the story again and describe the character of Alma in a paragraph. Please remember to show off the descriptive writing features that you know such as:

- similes 

- personification 

- onomatopoeia 

- metaphor

- show not tell

- power of three