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Well-being Challenges


Write 1 or 2 words about how you're feeling.

Using a notebook, Art box or your mood journal draw a heart or a star for yourself and write 3 kind words or messages to yourself.

Remind yourself that no matter how difficult things feel, you are not alone - someone in your street, neighbourhood, town or city is likely to be feeling similar emotions to you right now.

Draw a heart or a star for someone else who is feeling like you do and write 3 kind words for them too.

You can do this for as many people you like.



Tuesday: Outdoor learning

Go outside, lie on you back and keep your eyes open. Stay quiet and just think. Then place your hands on your tummy and feel the sensation of your body breathing while you look up at the clouds in the sky. What noises can you hear? What can you see in the clouds? Are you still thinking? Do any of the clouds look like anything familiar? Focus on what you can hear and feel around them. Can you feel their heart? What about the grass or mud beneath you? Sit up and talk about what you felt and saw. 



Knowing what's important to you can help you to prioritise when you're under pressure or feeling overwhelmed. Write a list of your values and things that matter to you, like feeling calm, being kind or taking care of your pet. Look at your list every week and decide whether these are still important or if you want to add or remove something. When you have a difficult decision to make or too many things to do, have a look at your list to help you choose what to do next.



Try some calming yoga:



Calming Yoga ft. Nicole from Yotism | Childline

Friday: Outdoor learning

Silent walk: 


There are lots of articles out there about the benefits of going on a simple walk. But what about the importance of going on a silent walk? Sometimes we need to be at peace with our own thoughts. Children also need this too. Go on a silent walk.  Again, it might take some time for children to get used to this activity before they completely relax and let their mind wander and think. But it’s a simple activity. All children have to do is go for a silent walk and observe the world around them.