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L.O. To rotate shapes accurately.

To help you rotate your shapes correctly, tracing paper can be really helpful as you can trace the shape, and then rotate the tracing paper the correct number of turns from the centre of rotation. If you do not have tracing paper, you can make the outline of your shapes darker with a felt tip pen so you can see it through a thin sheet of paper.

The centre of rotation works as a hinge. If you place a pen onto the centre of rotation, you will be able to move your paper around the correct number of turns. A 90 degree turn will be one quarter turn clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on the instruction given. Each quarter turn represents 90 degrees of the 360 degree circle. 

90 - One quarter turn

180 - Two quarter turns

270 - Three quarter turns

Please look at the ppt attached for a further explanation. 

Activity - Complete the worksheet attached, either by printing off the sheet or drawing it out onto squared paper. Use the dot near each shape as your centre of rotation.

Extra challenge - Make your own shapes with a centre of rotation for a family member to complete. Talk them through the process, using appropriate terminology.