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Literacy homework:

Sometimes we are so enthusiastic about our writing that we forget our punctuation! Therefore this week's homework is to find the missing punctuation in the extract below: 


For those of you that prefer a worksheet, you can find one attached below.


Hot: Can you write a paragraph of text which contains all of the following pieces of punctuation: . , " " ? !  ?

Maths homework:

This week's homework is about dividing by 100. If the children are stuck, we encourage them to draw out a place value grid like this:


Spicy- Practise dividing numbers by 10 and 100. Can you include decimals? You could make up your own numbers or solve the problems below.

Hot- Have a go at this challenging discussion problem

Medium- Practise ordering your numbers to 30- you could use the worksheet below to help- or perhaps you could do it outside with chalk?