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Maths Challenges

Let's think about shapes..

Although we are thinking about shapes, here's a few time problems. The children in school are doing these as starters to apply everything they learnt last week. 

Challenge one: Lo to identify lines of symmetry in 2d shapes. 


Investigate this statement: 


Do all regular 2D shapes have the same number of lines of symmetry as they do number of sides?


You could draw your own shapes to help you with this- or there is a sheet of shapes below, if you struggle cut out the shapes and fold them. 

Challenge two: Lo to draw lines of symmetry

You could use the sheet below to identify lines of symmetry, or you could look for shapes around your house and identify the lines of symmetry within them. 

Challenge three: To compare and classify 2d shapes including quadrilaterals  

How many different quadrilaterals can you find around your house and garden. Identify the properties of each quadrilateral including lines of symmetry. Decide on criteria for a venn diagram or carrol diagram and record your quadrilaterals in them as you find them


Let's think about measurements...


Challenge four: To compare and classify 2d shapes including quadrilaterals  

Find 5 objects of different lengths in your home/ the outdoor area that’s lengths together will total exactly 1.75m. Estimate the length of each object before measuring them. 


Challenge five: To find 1/10 of a measurement. 

Can you measure a room in your house? Create a scale drawing 1/10 of the size. Measure the objects in it too.