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This week we are developing our understanding of 3d shapes.  We are talking about what we know and what we notice.  Have a look at Mrs Cooper who has some wonderful challenges for you to complete on:



IN our phonics we are working on the new sound URE - see Geraldine attempt the sound and see what she finds on:


We are also working on an Elmer treasure hunt - lots of Elmer's friends have disappeared in our outdoor area and we have got to find them - once we have found them we have to write a list of the friends we have found.  We have to listen very carefully to the sounds in words and then use the correct letters to represent them.


The rest of our week is all about favourites - we will be discussing our favourite Elmer stories and retelling it for our friends - we will have to make sure we remember the beginning, middle and end of the story as well as what we liked best, why it is our favourite.


We are also discussing our favourite challenge that we have done in school this term.  We will be investigating our learning journeys and discussing what we are proud of.


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