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16/04/2020 Willow

Dear Willow Class,

We hope you have had an eggcellent Easter! Maybe you were able to hunt for some eggs in your garden? E-mail us and let us know! Now that it is summer we will be moving onto our new topic of Roald Dahl. Our topic activities will now be based around this. Our e-mail address is

As we mentioned earlier It would be great to hear from some more of you. This can be to show of a piece of work that you are proud of or to tell us something that you have done that was exciting such as reading a new book!

Also we have missed reading to you so we have found a website that have free audio books! 21122356011?ref=adbl_ent_anon_ds_ds_dccs_sbtp-0-1

Click on the link above and you should have a wide range of stories that you can listen to.

 Starting from the 20th of April the BBC will slow be posting some home learning ideas and daily lessons via i-player or the red button on your tv remote. Please see the link below for some more information.

Have a look at what our friend below has achieved!




Use your times table rock stars to practise your times tables. 


For this week’s maths activities I would like you to use the following website. 


We have had to change things a little bit so I would like you to start from the heading Week One. Under this tab you will find five lesson videos with question and answer documents next to it. This weeks lessons are as follows:


Lesson 1: Unit and non- unit fractions

Lesson 2:Making the whole

Lesson 3:Tenths

Lesson 4: Count in Tenths

Lesson 5: Tenths as decimals


Please let us know how useful you find this as we could use it more.



Mrs Biggs has created you a pack with a powerpoint all about a new type of poem. Find the resources below! Remember to try and read every day!


Each morning Joe Wicks is uploading a P.E lesson for children onto his you tube channel. Here is the link to the playlist which he will update very regularly.


This week, we would like you to focus on using the internet search engines to find relevant information. Remember to use safe search engines: we usually use kiddle or kidrex. 

What information can you find out about Roald Dahl? (Here are a few areas you could look into)

- What was the first book that he wrote? 

- How many children did he have? 

- Was he always a writer or  did he have other jobs before? 

- Where did he like to write his stories? 

- What was his childhood like? 

- Can you find any of his famous quotes? 

Think about the reliability of the website you have used: Is this is a reliable website? What is it's intention? Who created it? I would recommend looking at the website 


Once you have found your information- you will need to think about how you are going to display it. If you have PowerPoint at home, create an exciting Powerpoint sharing all of your facts, which we can add to the website next week. Other options could be to use Word to create a fact file- can you use text boxes to group your information? Can you insert a picture? Or you could create your fact file on a piece of paper, writing and drawing your information. Consider what you will need to include to make somebody want to read it. 



Did you know 18 of Roald Dahl's books were illustrated by Quentin Blake? You can find some of these on his website: 


Can you sketch in the style of Quentin Blake? Below are some videos he has made to show you how it is done. When you're ready, look at the extract of text from the Charlie and the chocolate factory. Can you illustrate it? 


How to draw an Oompa Loompa with Quentin Blake

A treat for the eyes and ears! Learn to draw an Oompa Loompa with Quentin Blake, but first swiggle your ears because you can listen to Roald Dahl himself rea...

How to draw Willy Wonka with Quentin Blake

Get your pencils ready because Quentin Blake himself is about to show you how to draw Willy Wonka! Meet the greatest chocolate making genius that's ever live...