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This week we are celebrating the Queen's jubilee.  We started off celebrations last week when we had our jubilee lunch and also created some wonderful works of art with our visiting artist.  We found out all about felting and created a new school banner to celebrate the jubilee.

We have some challenges this week to continue the celebrations, to make the Queen the most delicious cup of tea, to create her a new crown, make a new castle and also some works of art for her palace.

We are finding out lots of information about our Queen and her reign, this can be found on our home link information, along with our hard work across the curriculum.

Our final challenge this week was to create a portrait of the Queen.  We used our observational skills to ensure we used the correct colours and shapes that we saw on her photographs and also even added a purple crown - the colour that is to commemorate her 70 years.

What a fantastic week to finish our half term.  Thank you all for your hard work at home, supporting your children in their learning journeys.

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Our wonderful portraits of the queen.  We have added purple crowns as the 'felt artist' told us that this was to symbolise the platinum jubilee.  We are now sending all our artwork to the Manea Gala for the art exhibition!