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Monday 20th July 2020

Summer learning packs


The local authority has created Maths and Literacy learning packs to help children prepare for returning back to school in September. Please find them on the website: 

Hello Beech Class!

20th July. Hello Beech Class


I’d really like for you to write a letter to Mr. Lenton- you can email these to me and I will pass them on.

Say a little hello and let him know what you have been up to since you started your home learning. You could tell him what you’re excited about learning in Year 3!

Keep reading using Collins Connect or Oxford Owl. See if you can challenge yourself to read one book (or a chapter if it's a chapter book) every day over the summer!


This week, I’d like to see some really impressive scores on Times Tables Rockstars!

I have added some reasoning and problem-solving challenges for you to tackle- let me know how you get on!

For the last two days of school, I have one more challenge for you- celebrate your learning!

I’d like you to reflect on your learning this year, you can do this in any way that you choose. You could make a poster with all of the brilliant things that you have done, you could write a recount celebrating your achievements, you could write a poem or make a video. Have a look through the class webpage to remind yourselves of all of the super things that we got up to in school and think about all of the phenomenal things you have achieved at home!

You could think about all of the skills that you have developed. Have you become a better speller? Is your handwriting now stunningly beautiful? Are you now a super quick mathematician? Are you a brilliant reader? Have you learnt about something new in science, history or geography? Have you become more confident to share your super ideas with your friends? Have you become a more understanding friend? Have you tackled a challenge that you didn’t think you’d be able to do?

What about at home… Have you learnt a new language? Have you been helping your family with jobs at home? Have you been an independent learner?


I can’t wait to see your reflections about how much you have learnt!



Well done for all of your hard work this year, we are all so proud of you. Have an amazing summer holiday!