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Phonics in School

From January 2024, the Little Wandle SSP will be used to teach phonics.  

The scheme begins with Foundations for Phonics and progresses from Phase 1 (initial letter sounds) through to Phase 5 which will include digraphs and trigraphs. Children will also be learning 'tricky' words and how to use their phonic knowledge to help decode these by spotting the 'tricky' bit.


As part of this porgramme, children will have a matched decodable book which they will read 3x per week in school. They will then take it home to share with you. They will already be confident in decoding these words, so the focus at home will be on developing their fluency and expression when reading aloud. 


In Year 2 children will be following the Jane Considine Spelling Book, which builds on their Phonic knowledge from Year 1. It will also help them with spelling rules and learning their common exception words. 


Please click on the link below to see videos of how we will be teaching Little Wandle in school and ways you can support your child at home.