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Main Activity

Watch the Youtube video. You will not need to watch it all as it is one hour long!

Relaxing Sounds of Bees and Birds / Bees Collecting Pollen 1 Hour

Bees and bumblebees on a field of flowers with bird song. Good as a background sound for studying, sleeping, relaxing,..Ralaxing sound of early spring bees a...

Write as many 2A sentences as you can about this setting.

Watch the story of the varmints again up to page 2 of the story.


Your task today is to write using the starting sentence:

There was once only the sound of…


Use the 2A sentences that you wrote while listening to the bees singing.



Read your work aloud.  Identify your 2A sentences and how you have used the present perfect tense. How well did you do? What could you do to improve your writing next time?